ChamberPAC endorses candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly and some statewide and judicial offices who have a track record of or are receptive to supporting the state’s job creators. In determining ChamberPAC endorsements, several factors are considered – the candidate’s integrity and character, demonstrated interest in and/or proven record of supporting business issues, and the opposition the candidate faces in an upcoming election.

During the 2021 General Election, three judicial candidates endorsed by ChamberPAC won statewide appellate court elections. Judge Kevin Brobson was elected to the State Supreme Court; Megan Sullivan to the State Superior Court; and Stacy Wallace to Commonwealth Court. ChamberPAC was proud to endorse these candidates because they each exhibited a dedication to the fair and impartial application of law; a commitment to judicial ethics; and a deep knowledge of the issues facing the Commonwealth’s business community.

In looking ahead to the 2022 General Election, voters will elect a new U.S. Senator to fill the seat vacated by retiring U.S. Senator Pat Toomey. Voters will also elect a new governor for the first time in eight years; all 17 members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation; all 203 seats in the PA House of Representatives; and 25 of the 50 state Senate seats. There is a lot at stake for the business community. ChamberPAC will uphold its commitment to support pro-growth, pro-jobs candidates.

ChamberPAC expects to release its endorsements this summer.