Make YOUR Vote Count!

The 2020 General Election is right around the corner and with many important elected positions on the ballot it’s vital that YOU have the information you need to cast your vote. This year, the presidency, all of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation, the three state row offices (Auditor General, Attorney General and Treasurer), all 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, as well as 25 of the 50 state Senate seats are up for election.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has added an additional challenge to this important election year. However, thanks to the 2019 sweeping election law reforms, it’s now easier than ever to cast YOUR vote. As the PA Chamber continues our efforts to promote a better business climate, we encourage you to take the following important steps toward ensuring that your voice will be heard on Election Day:

Understanding the importance of each individual’s right to vote, the PA Chamber has partnered with the VoteSafe Pennsylvania initiative to promote safe and secure ways to vote. Additionally, as state and county election officials work to ensure the safety of on-site polling locations in the wake of the health pandemic, the PA Chamber is teaming up with Business America’s Operation Vote Safe to mobilize the business community to help ensure a safe and secure 2020 General Election.

By being a part of the political process, YOU play a critical role in electing candidates who will support pro-growth policies and promote opportunity and job creation on both the state and federal level!

The single most powerful tool each one of us has is our VOICE and our VOTE!