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Tell Us – Can You Afford an Increase to Entry Level Wages of up to 500 percent?

Gov. Tom Wolf and several lawmakers recently unveiled a proposal calling for one of the most extreme minimum wage increases in the country.  Their latest plan would hike PA’s minimum wage to $12 an hour as early as this July - a 65 percent increase - and incrementally increase the minimum wage until it reaches $15.  They also call for eliminating the tipped wage, which means Pennsylvania’s restaurants have just a few months to figure out how they will increase entry level wages by over 235 percent and by over 500 percent in just a few years.

Minimum Wage Increase

Could YOUR business survive a forced wage increase of up to 500 percent?  In the past, many employers have shared their real-world perspective on how mandatory wage increases would negatively impact their business and employees. Providing us with your insight can help us make the case to lawmakers that they must pursue alternative solutions to help low-income Pennsylvanians without risking job loss and other negative impacts.  

Tell us how this government mandate will impact YOUR business in the space below and help us in our efforts to defeat this “feel good” but economically disastrous policy!  Feedback can remain anonymous if you prefer.

How would a mandated minimum wage increase of $12, and eventually up to $15, impact your business?

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