Business Resources for Coronavirus

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is dedicated to helping business across the Commonwealth. In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Pennsylvania businesses are inquiring about information to help their companies, their employees and their families.

The following are resources that provide helpful information you may need to navigate the current situation.

Visit for comprehensive information for employers, including: guidance from trusted sources on workplace readiness – such as cleaning and safety standards; employment opportunities; industry-specific guidance; and policy recommendations that will help to revive Pennsylvania’s economy.

General Financial Guidance And Resources

  • CLICK HERE for guidance to apply for COVID-19 Relief Statewide Small Business Assistance Grants.
  • CLICK HERE for information on the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and HERE to apply.
  • CLICK HERE for guidance on key business programs in the recently-passed federal financial recovery bill.
  • CLICK HERE for an explanation of the Paycheck Protection Program loan program for small businesses.
  • CLICK HERE for the U.S. Chamber’s Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness
  • CLICK HERE for the U.S. Chamber’s employer guide to the Employee Retention Tax Credit

Small Business Financial Resources

Unemployment Compensation Guidance For Employers

Can employees who are receiving unemployment compensation refuse to return to work in order to maintain UC benefits?

No. Per state law, absent 'good cause,' it constitutes an act of fraud to refuse suitable work in order to receive unemployment benefits. The Department of Labor & Industry even has a page on its website solely for employers to report refusals to work.

What are the new paid leave mandates and unemployment compensation changes?
  • CLICK HERE for brief summary from the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • CLICK HERE for a FAQs document from the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • CLICK HERE for a PA Chamber summary of both Pennsylvania and Federal changes to the unemployment compensation system.
  • CLICK HERE for the U.S. Chamber’s employer guide to Coronavirus Paid Leave Programs

Health Care Guidance For Employers

  • We recommend that employers with questions about employee health care coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic speak directly with their insurance professional (broker, consultant) or health insurance carrier.
  • PA Chamber Insurance (PCI) is a comprehensive employee benefits consultancy focused on building strategic client relationships while tailoring a unique benefits portfolio based on your company’s budget and employee needs. Please find COVID-19-specific information from a sampling of PCI’s key health insurance partners:
  • CLICK HERE to view resources compiled by the PA Insurance Department.
  • Information on the requirements of the recently enacted paid leave mandate can be found via the U.S. Department of Labor:
    • CLICK HERE for brief summary from the U.S. Department of Labor.
    • CLICK HERE for a FAQs document from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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