Workforce and The C-Suite: Why Senior Leadership Needs To Be At The Helm

Workforce and The C-Suite: Why Senior Leadership Needs To Be At The Helm

Thursday, October 18, 2018 | 11 am to Noon

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As companies struggle to find employees to fill key vacant jobs, senior leadership not only needs to be at the helm communicating the vision and mission of the organization, and how they’ll grow a profit and gain market share, but how the company will grow and retain its most important asset long term:  keeping internal talent, and identifying and attracting external talent to fulfill the mission.

More than just a sideline item or a nice place to be involved, senior leadership needs to lead the mission as a vocal support agent, bringing enthusiasm and educating employees on the challenges, the options being utilized, and how the company will be able to get the right people plugged into the right career path.  Workforce education and development is not a task to check off the list—it is ongoing. 

Webinar highlights

In this free workforce webinar presented by the PA Chamber Education Foundation, Joseph Harford, founder and president of Reclamere will provide an overview of why the c-level must be involved to compete and remain in business, but without micro-managing.  With major competition for resources at both the state and federal level, he’ll discuss the workforce challenges in the IT field from a cyber security company perspective.  In such a competitive space, top management must set the direction, gain support and buy-in from staff, and give individual employees a way to get the job done that does not create angst with customers or other workers:

  • How leaders can own workforce development and recruitment
  • Real examples from the tech world: what actions are beneficial, what has worked
  • How to get started: first steps and tools so you can build momentum faster without re-inventing the wheel
  • Making it happen: forget the rules or “how we’ve always done it”; you’ll need to be creative, entrepreneurial and flexible to fill positions
  • The importance of coming to the table with educators
  • Attracting the younger worker, being flexible for them, and making reasonable accommodations
  • Where to find resources
  • You can drive the train or get run over by it—looking ahead at what’s coming.

The speaker will open up the last few minutes of the webinar to answer questions from participants.

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About The Speaker

Joe Harford

Joseph Harford, MS, CIPP, CSDS, is the founder and president of Reclamere, a leader in data security and IT asset management specializing in new IT equipment deployment, data recovery, managed security services, incident response planning and IT audits and assessments.  Harford’s strategic focus continues to be on the development of enterprise accounts and strategic partnerships. Throughout Reclamere’s history the company has worked to keep business leaders, CEOs, nonprofits and community groups ahead of the ever-changing IT environment and cyber security.  Reclamere is a leader in the industry of comprehensive data security issues and management as they work with clients to protect their data assets, understand data breach analysis, determine incident response plans, evaluate IT systems inventory, and perform managed security services.  Harford’s career has spanned hospitality, manufacturing and technology sectors, and his personal focus has always been the delivery of “fanatical customer service.”  Harford is pursuing a PhD in Workforce Education and Development with the goal of sharing and transferring his expertise and knowledge with underrepresented groups.