Re-entry Programs Part 1:  A Successful Resource in Employee Recruitment

Re-entry Programs Part 1: A Successful Resource in Employee Recruitment

Thursday, May 31, 2018 | 11 am to Noon

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Re-entry Programs Part 1: A Successful Resource in Employee Recruitment - As companies struggle to find employees to fill vacant jobs, there are valuable pools of prospective recruits that remain untapped.  Re-entry programs have been a proven successful resource in employee recruitment.

Re-entry programs offer an opportunity to dedicated men and women who in their past may have taken a wrong turn, but are now ready to make a right one.  They not only want to make a better future for themselves, but also seek to acquire the tools they need to be successful in today’s workforce.

According to the Urban Institute’s 2001 to 2006 “Returning Home Study,” former prisoners who worked before imprisonment, and those who found employment soon after release, were less likely to be re-incarcerated within a year of release.

In this free two-part workforce webinar series presented by the PA Chamber Education Foundation, we will provide an overview of re-entry programs and cover the base-level information for employers as well as address employers’ common questions, fears and objections.  You will also hear from employers using re-entry programs as a means to get skilled, trained employees:

  • Overview of re-entry programs
  • Use of re-entry programs as an untapped employment pool
  • Overcoming the fears and stigmas of re-entry hiring
  • Resources and benefits for employers.

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Brandon J. Flood serves as Legislative Director for SEIU Pennsylvania State Council and Chairman of the Greater Harrisburg NAACP’s Community Affairs Committee.  Mr. Flood has successful experience at coalition building, conducting voter education and engagement, providing consultation to state and local governing bodies, as well as utilizing the public platform to spotlight discrimination and racism in the workplace, academic institutions and other places in Pennsylvania.  Mr. Flood’s primary area of expertise is state and local government, where he currently serves as a Research Analyst for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Legislative Policy & Research Office.  Prior to this role, Mr. Flood served as the Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, where he was tasked with developing the Caucus’ legislative agenda and administering its statewide criminal justice/judiciary-related initiatives.  A native son of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. Flood resides in Steelton, Pennsylvania, where he also serves as a member of the Steelton Borough Zoning Hearing Board.