Unemployment Compensation Roundtable

Unemployment Compensation Roundtable

Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey
4650 Lindle Road | Harrisburg, PA 17111
Thursday, June 6, 2019 | 8:30 am to Noon
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8 a.m. Registration – Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m.


— Susan E. Smith, Educational Services Executive, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

8:35 a.m.

Understanding UC Benefits, Relief from Charges, Separation Eligibility and Willful Misconduct Issues

— Beth L. Mummert, Employment Security Specialist 3, Office of UC Benefits Policy, PA Department of Labor & Industry

Unemployment Compensation remains a complicated and ever-evolving area of employment law, as well as a large cost to business.  Keeping on top of the latest changes, as well as understanding what you need to do to comply with filing UC benefits, and how to handle voluntary quit and willful misconduct issues, are confusing areas for many HR professionals and benefits specialists. We will discuss:

  • UC Benefits, Relief from Charges and Separation Eligibility
    • Who is eligible to receive benefits
    • Requirements for new hires
    • Separation fact-finding issues
    • How to determine relief from charges
    • Voluntary quit scenarios— what to do in different situations such as employee health issues, voluntary layoffs and employees leaving for personal reasons
  • Willful Misconduct
    • What is considered a willful misconduct problem and when to apply UC benefits, if at all
    • How to handle UC in a variety of willful misconduct situations such as absenteeism and tardiness, drug and alcohol abuse, insubordination and profanity, damage to equipment, violation of business rules, dishonesty, and more
  • The latest update on recent changes to the UC law
10 a.m.   Refreshment Break 
10:15 a.m. 

Best Practices for Complying with Unemployment Compensation

— Geoffrey D. Moomaw, President, Interstate Tax Service, Inc.

To ensure that all of the major elements of complying with unemployment compensation are covered correctly and in a timely basis, there are some key best practices and tips HR professionals should follow.  We will provide:

  • Tips on preparing the initial UC Claim; also best practices for responding to contested and uncontested claims – employers can face penalties for not properly responding to a claim.
  • Brief update on understanding the UC Tax Structure
  • Best practices for handling the most common willful misconduct and voluntary quit scenarios
  • Tips for fighting UC fraud
11 a.m. 

Unemployment Compensation Hearing Do’s and Don’ts

— Randall S. Brandes, UC Appeals System Administrator, Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

— Liana Barnette, Unemployment Compensation Appeals Referee

Many companies and their HR professionals find themselves eventually having to attend a UC hearing.  Knowing how to properly prepare, and what to expect during a hearing is extremely important, and can make the difference in whether the employer has a successful outcome.  We will provide:

  • Brief description of what to expect during a typical UC hearing: parties under oath, testimonies of witnesses, how evidence is discussed and more
  • Tips on how companies should prepare for a UC appeal, including the proper witnesses to testify, all documents in order
  • Basic review of the due process elements
  • What to expect at an unemployment compensation hearing
  • What is meant by the “burden of proof”
  • What happens once a decision is rendered by the UC Referee
  • The biggest mistakes employers make with UC hearings, and their solutions from the perspective of the UC Board of Review and a UC Referee
Best practices employers should follow 
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