Next Leader Now Executive Leadership Training Pittsburgh

Next Leader Now Executive Leadership Training Pittsburgh

Solutions 21 Training Center
344 E 8th Ave | Homestead, PA 15120
October 2019
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Event Description

During the next decade, twelve million U.S. businesses will be changing hands – successfully, or not.  According to Development Dimensions International, the rate of failure for new executives is up to 60 percent within the first 18 months; and within five years, two-thirds of executive hires will fail. 

Fewer than one in 10 business leaders feel optimistic about their succession strategy, because an increasing number of inexperienced high-performers will be called upon to take the reins.  And the cost of failed leadership and succession for companies is staggering:  on average 20 times the executive salary.  Without an intentional plan to prepare those next leaders, an unprecedented $30 trillion of wealth is at risk.

The Next Leader Now Program

One of the most effective ways to assure high levels of success for leaders in your organization is the Next Leader Now program.  This 12-month leadership and succession training is the only researched-based development approach that is explicitly designed to partner with you and your team to ensure that succession candidates, high-potentials, and emerging leaders are prepared to step in and enhance the legacy of your organization. Led by experts with proven leadership performance records, we work directly with you and your team to develop each candidate into your business’ bench strength, driving growth, and institutional value now and in the future.


  • For your Next Leader Now candidates
    • Tailored development: Candidates have an individualized experience that creates alignment between their objectives and your priorities.
    • Talented peer resources: Your successors are provided limitless opportunities to interact, share insight, and influence other exceptional peers.
    • Organizational confidence: The investment in their development drives an ownership mentality that increases commitment and retention.
  • For your organization
    • Confident succession: More than 90% of past candidates receive a promotion or take on significant additional responsibility within 24 months of starting the program.  Program graduates are ready to assess and engage new opportunities to benefit your organization.
    • Increased capacity: Candidates expand their capabilities through the development of enhanced communication skills, increased emotional intelligence, and heightened executive presence.
    • Lower turnover risk: Investment in developing talent is one of the few proven strategies to attract, grow, and retain an in-demand next generation workforce.
  • For your Executive Team
    • Valued management of executive level human resources ensures the organization stays on a path of growth and success
    • Enhanced ROI: A strong leadership bench has a direct financial impact on the total value of your business.
    • Increased capacity: With confidence in your next leaders, you have the comfort and flexibility to focus on more complex business challenges.
    • Leadership legacy: A pipeline of capable leaders will drive your business forward for years after your exit.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our coaches and facilitators partner directly with you and the candidate to create a Leadership Development Plan, which charts the course for the development of each of your candidates. We support these efforts through leadership assessments and by working directly with your team to understand the leadership competencies that you believe to be most crucial for success in your organization.

To make consistent progress, we employ the Applied Ideas Framework, a proven set of tools that connect theoretical concepts directly to the challenges next leaders must overcome. Using these tools, which include a workshop series, performance feedback tools, one-on-one coaching, peer interactions, continuous reinforcement, and a personal strategic plan, candidates build new muscle memory habits that enhance their leadership capabilities. 

The Next Leader Now Program Structure

Workshop Series Four quarterly interactive workshops introduce crucial leadership concepts for immediate application in their roles.
Practitioner-led facilitators All facilitators have a track record of real-world success in their fields and bring this experience to facilitating new learning and dialogue.
Results-focused individual coaching With individual, on-demand, and group coaching embedded into the program, our battle-tested coaches are exclusively focused on improving the performance of your next leader.
Online learning center Our online learning center offers always-on access to Solutions 21 facilitators and coaches, peers across the country, and asynchronous learning opportunities.
Program launch October 2019 with three additional workshops throughout the year.



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Event Venue

Solutions 21 Training Center

Physical Address: 344 E 8th Ave | Homestead, PA 15120

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About The Speakers

Albert Ciuksza Jr

Albert Ciuksza Jr. is the Director of Leadership Programs at Solutions 21 and is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of Next Leader Now and other company leadership development programs.

With an innovation-focused career that has addressed challenges in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit tech-based economic development, and as a co-founder of two companies, Albert applies his diverse skill set and experience to building better bosses around the world.

As a co-founder of two start-up companies, Albert built teams, led product development and commercialization, launched products internationally, and raised more than $1m collectively. Both companies – Eyenavision and Draft Dynamics – continue to be in operation, with the former employing more than 20 people.

Supporting small businesses in nonprofit economic development, Albert served as the director of the Pittsburgh Impact Initiative for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, then the manager of water innovations for Idea Foundry in conjunction with the Water Economy Network. In both roles, Albert worked directly with senior leaders and innovators to connect their companies with resources and business opportunities, and coach them on strategies and approaches that would yield success. He continues in formal and informal advisory roles today.

Albert is an undergraduate alumnus of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and earned his MBA at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. He resides in Bellevue, Pennsylvania with his wife, Mallory.

Buddy Hobart

A Pittsburgh native, Buddy Hobart is the Founder and President of Solutions 21. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, author, speaker, radio host, and is an internationally recognized expert on generational leadership.

Buddy is the author of five books, including both first and second editions of his book, Gen Y Now: Millennials and the Evolution of Leadership. Buddy has been featured in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

A frequent and returning speaker at industry events and leadership forums around the world, Buddy speaks to thousands of people annually, with business leaders accounting for over 75% of his audience. He is a pioneer in the discussion on attracting, developing, and retaining next generation leaders in today’s workforce.

Buddy has provided leadership and management solutions to companies around the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. He has also worked with numerous universities throughout the nation. An executive in residence at the University of Pittsburgh, Buddy leads the University’s first ever Professional Sales Academy.

Buddy is a returning instructor at the U.S. Army War College where he teaches an elective course on the evolution of leadership. He works with senior military leaders stationed around the world on 21st-century leadership practices.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Buddy is active in numerous community and professional organizations. He resides in Pittsburgh with his wife, Susanne.

Luis Rivera

Luis is a retired Army colonel who honorably served our country for over 24 years. Luis brings his leadership style to Solutions 21 to build, shape, and prepare leaders and organizations for the future.  Luis’ passion for leadership and team building was the core of his responsibilities in both domestic posts and foreign countries, including Iraq and South Korea. Luis has served in a variety of senior leadership positions including field leadership of tactical units in combat, administrative leadership in the Army’s Human Resources Enterprise, and instructional leadership as coach at one of the Army’s premier combat training centers.

Within his areas of expertise in coaching, leadership development, and change management, Luis has helped organizations create compelling visions, build alignment, and execute effectively through sustained periods of success and change.  He has formed, trained, and led teams in some of the most uncertain and complex environments in which our country has operated over the past two decades, most recently in South Korea as Director of Future Operations for 8th US Army.  Among his many responsibilities in South Korea was leading the strategic planning team for the evacuation of over 500K Americans from the peninsula, if needed. 

Luis is a graduate of Wentworth Military Academy and West Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. Luis is a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran.

As a Senior Leadership Consultant in Nashville, he brings the vast array of Solutions 21’s capabilities to one of the most technologically advanced and fastest growing cities in America.

Jeff Belsky

Jeff Belsky has a 25-year professional history that spans working in transportation, eCommerce, consulting, and education. He is currently the Vice President of Strategy for an organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where his responsibilities include external government and industry relations, strategic planning, business and workforce development, and organizational change initiatives. 

Jeff is also an Adjunct Professor at Robert Morris University, Waynesburg University, and Strayer University, where he facilitates graduate level courses in leadership development, team building, business policy, and organizational change. 

Additionally, Jeff owns his own leadership development organization and is a certified leadership coach through Solutions 21 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has coached individuals from a variety of organizations spanning multiple industries.  

Jeff holds a B.S.B.A and an MBA degree and is currently working on his doctoral dissertation in organizational leadership, which he will be completing in 2017. He is active in several organizations including the Pittsburgh Airport Chamber of Commerce, The Allegheny Conference, and the Pittsburgh Technology Council. 

Jeff resides in Moon Township, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.