2020 Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Webinar

2020 Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Webinar

Thursday, October 22, 2020 | 11 am to Noon

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Pennsylvania employers continue to navigate the complexities associated with the legalization of medical marijuana in the Commonwealth, reporting significant confusion interpreting the law. It is critical that business leaders and HR professionals understand the scope of the Medical Marijuana Act of 2016 and implement effective strategies to ensure compliance. Top Labor and Employment Law attorney from Steptoe & Johnson PLLC, will discuss:

  • The scope of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act as it applies to employers
  • Drug testing implications
  • Updating your drug free workplace policies — strategies for intertwining medical marijuana
  • How to handle the hiring situation if someone admits they are using medical marijuana —including what to do if you cannot offer the position for safety reasons — e.g. operating room nurse
  • Strategies to monitor employees’ medical marijuana use in the workplace
  • Recent court cases that impact how businesses should manage medical marijuana
  • Considerations if Pennsylvania legalizes recreational marijuana

Time permitting, the speaker will answer questions from participants following his presentation.

This program is a free Member Sponsored Webinar and is conducted in partnership with Steptoe and Johnson PLLC to provide valuable insight to Pennsylvania’s business community.  To learn more about Steptoe and Johnson PLLC, please click here.

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About The Speaker

Zach Bombatch

Zack Bombatch is an Associate with the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson PLLC, where his primary focus is Labor and Employment Law. He helps clients in a variety of industries navigate the regulatory and statutory framework. While Zack is comfortable in the courtroom, he enjoys helping clients avoid potentially costly and disruptive litigation. Zack counsels clients on the potential domino effects that employment actions and policies can have on both business operations and employee morale, making him a trusted advisor. Zack is actively assisting employers with guidance on how to navigate the medical marijuana/cannabis laws in Pennsylvania and the impact not only on employment law, but also compliance with industry specific safety regulations. He also has been active in the higher education practice as well, counseling public and private colleges and universities on best practices related to Title IX and the portion of the Pennsylvania criminal code related to hazing. He holds his law degree from the Duquesne School of Law.