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The Advantages of Self-Funding Your Employee Healthcare

August 20, 2015

“Every company is looking for stability and transparency with their healthcare costs,” says Brintan Madonna, Director-Producer Relations from our partner organization, The Benecon Group. “Finally, the Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance Benefits Consortium provides the solution.” 


Business owners with 26 or more employees now have a unique opportunity to take control of their healthcare costs through the Benefits Consortium, while gaining the many benefits of self-funding. 


To help companies learn more about the advantages of self-funding employee healthcare benefits, Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance has invited Brintan Madonna, Director-Producer Relations from our partner organization, The Benecon Group to cover the basics and benefits of self-funding in a FREE informational webinar on Friday, August 28 from 11 a.m. to noon. 


Self-insuring gives you control of your premium costs and the knowledge of exactly where your healthcare dollars are going. All with the same carriers, plan designs and benefits you’re familiar with. The Benefits Consortium program can lower your costs by managing claims, risk charges, premium taxes and excessive expense charges, and provides access to significant volume purchasing. At the same time, you gain improved risk management and administration of your employee benefit options. All of which adds up to greater control and minimal risk exposure. 


This free 60 minute webinar is designed to help companies understand the basics and benefits of self-funding including:

  • How self-funding could be a viable option for your company’s healthcare needs
  • How it can lower your costsself-insurance gives your business the opportunity to minimize costs while limiting your risk volatility. Your business gets additional savings from the group purchasing consortium, providing volume discounts for stop-loss insurance. We budget upfront for all expenses and return any unused cash to you at the end of the year.
  • Additional self-insurance cost saving practices including claims management
  • Controlyou get control of costs, claims management and better budget planning for your ongoing healthcare expenditures.
  • Transparencywith the PA Chamber Benefits Consortium, you get to see how your claims dollars are being utilized through monthly reporting.
  • You get choice of carrier, network and plan design—you can choose from top healthcare carriers —with the same network, discounts and plan design you’re familiar with—through an Administrative Services Only (ASO) agreement.

The speaker will open up the last few minutes of the webinar to answer questions from participants. 


Brintan Madonna is the Director-Producer Relations from our partner organization, The Benecon Group. Brit joined The Benecon Group in December 2007 to focus on growth within the Individual Products division. Brit has had various roles at Benecon and in 2012 assumed the role of Sales Director and Producer Relations Manager. He is currently responsible for over 400 partner-producer relationships and aids in the growth of Benecon’s consortiums. Brit graduated from Millersville University with a Degree in Communications- Public Relations /Business Administration.



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