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Success Performance Solutions

Winter 2015/16 Catalyst

The convergence of technology, shifting demographics and globalization has disrupted the ways that things have always been done — and recruiting and hiring employees are no exception. According to Success Performance Solutions President and Founder Ira Wolfe, "Many businesses are trying to recruit and hire employees without using automation, technology and social media — and that's like trying to send an email using a typewriter."

When Wolfe started Success Performance Solutions 20 years ago, helping small businesses hire better employees was only a blip on his company's radar. His business plan was focused on helping professionals — physicians, dentists, accountants and attorneys — manage their practices. But as is the case with so many entrepreneurs, Wolfe found opportunity in disruption. He had just published a book, "The Perfect Labor Storm," about future workforce trends, including skilled worker shortages. The book gained national recognition for Wolfe­­­ and his company. A new door swung open when a small manufacturer and call center retained his services to help reduce employee turnover.

Always a fan and user of employee assessments for hiring, leadership and team building, Wolfe found that his passion and expertise were one and the same. Success Performance Solutions evolved into an employee selection powerhouse with clients stretching from coast-to-coast — and recently reaching clients in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Success Performance Solutions has been a Pennsylvania-based company from its start. Located in Lancaster County for 17 years, Wolfe recently re-located to the Lehigh Valley and has employees across several states. "I lived my entire life in Pennsylvania, and couldn't be more thrilled with the booming economy here," Wolfe said. "So many new opportunities have opened up for us."

Despite its roots firmly planted here, Pennsylvania is not where most of SPS's clients are located. However, Wolfe expects that is about to change as he expects more local and regional business to fuel much of SPS's future growth. He's also discovering new ways to recruit Millennials, as he's worked to develop solutions for companies managing multi-generational employees and the role social media plays in today's workplace. With small and medium sized businesses struggling to attract and acquire the talent they need, SPS is in the perfect position to help, having launched its recruiting and hiring system — or, as Wolfe calls it, "Recrooglization," which integrates the art of recruiting with the science of Google.

For the immediate future, Wolfe sees nothing but growth for his company and the demand for employee testing and "Recrooglization" to increase. Technology has leveled the playing field between large corporations and small businesses — even a small family business can now afford the same tools and operate with the same sophistication and due diligence as a corporate recruiter. And with the Baby Boomer exodus and shorter Millennial job tenure hampering operations, more companies are reaching out to Success Performance Solutions for help in attracting new talent as well as identifying high-potentials and succession planning.

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