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Trickling Springs Creamery

Summer 2018 Catalyst

Since 2001, Chambersburg, PA-based Trickling Springs Creamery has been focused on supporting our local community of family farms. We are privileged to have our products sold to, and served in, several locations throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Our culture is about appreciating the animals that supply our product, the famers and families that care for them and the employees that process the final product. 

We welcome our new customers and our dedicated regulars to the front porch to enjoy one of our delicious dairy treats; and to peek through our production window to see our superior milk products coming off the lines in both plastic and our trademark glass bottles.

Our Mission

Trickling Springs Creamery processes, sells and distributes high quality niche dairy products to the Eastern seaboard while promoting healthy, happy cows, farmer sustainability, employee wellness, environmental stewardship and quality food. Trickling Springs Creamery connects a community of family farmers and the products they produce with discerning consumers who care about the source and quality of the food they eat.

At Our Core:

We believe animals should be cared for with a stewardship that respects the animal and their natural environment.

We believe that farmers should be paid fairly, recognizing their contribution to our communities and enabling their family operations to be sustainable and multi-generational.

We believe that employees are an integral part of supplying quality food to our customers and should be highly valued and treated with dignity and respect.

We believe that as stewards of our environment, our food production should be environmentally sustainable from the animal to the table.

We believe in simple, minimally processed dairy foods from grass fed cows and goats that will promote the health and safety of our foods from the farm to the consumer.

Our Purpose

Trickling Springs Creamery exists to keep family farms in business by purchasing their raw milk at a premium in order to produce wholesome dairy products for customers who wish to purchase them. To learn more about our farms, visit

The owners of Trickling Springs Creamery intend to operate a God-honoring business in accomplishing this.

Our Consumer Promise

Trickling Springs Creamery will always bring you products…

  • From cows that are treated like mothers
  • Made with milk from a traceable source
  • From farmers who are paid fairly
  • That is artisan
  • That are minimally handled and processed
  • With no synthetic ingredients
  • Produced by folks who respect the environment and communities they live in.

Our Team

We are a growing company with community roots and located in Chambersburg and Newville, PA. In five short years, our team has more than doubled from 45 to over 100 people. And we are still growing, creating opportunities in a wide variety of para- professional, artisan and professional careers.

We look forward to meeting professionals who are interested in exciting career opportunities. Stop by our offices at 2330 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday; or email your resume to

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