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PRL, Inc: Providing High Integrity Castings for Customers with High Expectations

Fall 2019 Catalyst

PRL, Inc. located in Cornwall, Pennsylvania has become part of the area’s long-standing tradition of supplying critical components for our nation's vital strategic needs.  While PRL’s neighbor, the Cornwall Furnace, supplied iron munitions during the Revolutionary War, PRL currently provides high specification components and services to a variety of industries, particularly for the United States Navy.


PRL’s employees are very proud of the role they play in ensuring our nation’s security. The company’s mission is “to provide exceptional quality components allowing peace of mind for our nation’s military, nuclear and industrial applications.”


With headquarters in Cornwall, PRL, Inc. is the holding company of three separate subsidiaries consisting of PRL Industries, Inc., LTC, Inc. and Regal Cast, Inc.


PRL Industries, Inc.

PRL Industries was founded in 1969, and the company’s capabilities include upgrading castings utilizing a wide range of Non-d

estructive Examination techniques in accordance to required procedures, includ

ing MIL and ASME nuclear standards. The company also has on-site radiogra

phic capabilities, heat treating furnaces, as well as a full service metallurgical laboratory. This diversity has contributed to the company’s nationwide reputation of being a supplier of high quality castings used mostly for valve, turbine and pump applications.

PRL’s customers are located throughout the United States and many of the castings supplied are in service overseas.


LTC, Inc. (Two Locations)

The LTC subsidiary of PRL, Inc. is comprised of two machine shops, which are located in Lebanon and Cornwall, PA. The two facilities are made up of a core group of craftsmen who are able to machine tolerances to one ten thousandth of an inch. Capabilities and equipment include Computer Numerically Controlled machining centers and stringent inspection procedures, such as Statistical Process Control. Machining capabilities run from small components to as large as 10,000 pounds.

In addition to its sister companies, LTC provides machined parts and services for customers in the defense, electronics and other high technology industries.  The majority of LTC’s customers are Fortune 500 companies that demand and adhere to strict quality guidelines.


Regal Cast, Inc.

In 1989 PRL opened a foundry, so it could become a fully vertically integrated supplier of high specification castings to better meet their customer’s demands. This was considered a bold decision at the time, particularly given the ongoing deterioration of the foundry industry in this country. In fact, although opened in the late eighties, Regal Cast is still one of the last foundries to be opened in the United States. The establishment of the foundry allowed PRL to become fully integrated and provide fully upgraded, finished machined castings along with its other offerings.

Although primarily a stainless steel foundry, Regal Cast pours many different alloys and is considered to be a ferrous and non-ferrous foundry. It is also one of the few foundries in the world to operate an Argon Oxygen Decarburization vessel, which is utilized to further refine metals and improve properties. Regal Cast pours castings weighing from 2 to 12,000 pounds for the defense, energy and commercial industries. Although established to support PRL Industries, Regal Cast also supplies castings to outside commercial customers.


Integrating to Provide the Best Customer Experience

The PRL family of companies takes pride in the diversity of services it offers to its customers, and is continually investing in capital equipment to stay at the forefront of the industry. PRL can provide a fully machined upgraded casting, or the company can provide one or more services for a component dependent upon the customer’s needs. Each of PRL’s sister companies focus on specializing on their particular niche. Thus, PRL tries not to be the master of all trades, but instead PRL is motivated to become even more adept and skilled to further enhance their reputation of being a top tier supplier of high quality specification castings/components.


PRL’s different companies are highly specialized, which works to the company’s advantage. Given the different locations, Regal Cast can focus on pouring the highest quality castings, PRL Industries can focus on non-destructive testing and upgrading the components properly to the numerous different specifications, and the machine shops can focus on machining to the exact dimensions. However PRL also realizes that the separate companies cannot operate in a vacuum and that there also has to be interaction between them.


PRL has 150 employees and is very proud to be located in South Central Pennsylvania and attributes the work ethic of the area as an integral part of its success. According to PRL’s President & CEO, Janis Herschkowitz, “PRL is extremely proud of our highly skilled and talented workforce. Their dedication and pride are the main reason for making PRL what it is today. We are definitely Pennsylvania Proud and PRL Proud!”





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