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Lockheed Martin: Innovating with Purpose, in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Winter 2020 Catalyst

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that solves the toughest technology challenges for customers around the world.


Lockheed Martin consists of approximately 105,000 employees spread across more than 375 facilities in 54 countries. More than 100 nations rely on our employees, products and technologies to help them protect and connect their citizens and advance scientific discovery, and much of that work happens in Pennsylvania.



Our Pennsylvania offices support operations in the areas of: full spectrum cyber solutions, communication payloads and hypersonics, among others. Our facilities include manufacturing and test services for advanced programs, as well as design work.



Spotlight On: King of Prussia

Positioned in the middle of a bustling suburb of Philadelphia, Lockheed Martin’s campuses (primarily located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania) opened in 1985 and primarily focused on our cyber business — with a growing space presence since the 1990s.


Now home to one of the corporation’s largest space manufacturing facilities, King of Prussia has the visible history to show for it! Several trees surround this campus, but one special tree has been to the moon on a NASA mission. The 1971 Apollo 14 mission carried hundreds of seeds that would produce about 400 “Moon Trees” here on earth. The Lockheed Martin Moon Tree is an American Sycamore which faces the southern side of the King of Prussia site, and it symbolizes Lockheed Martin’s significant role in the U.S. space program.


A History in Orbit

King of Prussia’s legacy in the space industry predates the merger of Lockheed Martin, as General Electric built the original site in the 1950s. Engineers in King of Prussia assisted in the first successful recovery of a man-made object from orbit (Discoverer 13), and built Nimbus III, the third in a series of meteorological research-and-development satellites.


Also, if you use a Global Positioning System device, there’s a good chance one of the satellites guiding you was assembled there. The GPSIIR and GPSIIR-M satellites were assembled in King of Prussia in the 1990s and 2000s, and they make up more than 50 percent of the satellite fleet.


The Future of Space Technology

There are several programs at King of Prussia dedicated to the design and sustainment of satellite ground stations. Here, teams deploy engineering and sustainment services to many satellite programs such as GPS and Advanced Extremely High Frequency. Many programs also specialize in intelligence analysis and analytics processing in support of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.


Engineers at King of Prussia also help our customers predict the weather by developing and sustaining the Mark IVB meteorological analysis and forecasting system. The team developed software to stream information from various satellites to provide real-time weather forecasting for nine stations around the world.


The Hypersonic Flight Era

Hypersonic weapons and air and missile defense are key priorities of the United States Department of Defense's National Defense Strategy and Missile Defense Review. Lockheed Martin has invested in developing and demonstrating hypersonic technology for over 30 years — and as a result of this investment, we are at the forefront of operationalizing hypersonic capabilities, systems and engineering.


Our hypersonics presence in Pennsylvania is growing, with work on Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon and Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon, among other programs.


  • HCSW is a hypersonic boost glide development and test program capable of launch from a B-52 with the ability to penetrate long-range air defense areas.
  • The ARRW program matures critical technologies to high speed flight and accelerates the weaponization of Hypersonic strike capabilities. The ARRW program brings corporation-wide experience in design, manufacturing, integration and test, and fielding of complex technologies to our customers in the Department of Defense.


Delivering Full-Spectrum Cyber Capabilities

While our cyber business remains more under the radar, Lockheed Martin delivers full-spectrum cyber capabilities and cyber resilient systems to our defense, intelligence community and global security customers.


Lockheed Martin is inspired by our customers’ missions and we’re dedicated to helping governments and militaries around the world protect their platforms, systems, networks and data by:


  • cyber hardening weapons, mission and training systems;
  • outfitting cyber warriors with technologies for offensive and defensive missions;
  • advancing technologies that enable cyber operations; and
  • helping the intelligence community collect, analyze and disseminate threat intelligence.


Investing in the Community — and the Next Generation

In addition to the work that we do to in global security and information technology, Lockheed Martin plays an active role in helping to strengthen the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. We’re an active partner in Pennsylvania communities and donate to local nonprofit organizations that support science, technology, engineering and math education and military causes. In 2019, our employees volunteered more than 14,000 hours for Pennsylvania charities and schools.


The aerospace and defense industry faces increased competition to attract and retain new talent, which is why Lockheed Martin is partnering with local schools and organizations to create high school and college internships that inspire students to stay on the path to rewarding careers in STEM. Our partnerships in local communities — like King of Prussia — help us inspire and retain the next generation. 

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