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August 24, 2020

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ChamberPAC Announces Legislative Endorsements for 2020 General Election

HARRISBURG - ChamberPAC, the political arm of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, today announced its candidate endorsements for the Pennsylvania General Assembly in the upcoming 2020 General Election.  ChamberPAC supports candidates and incumbent lawmakers who are dedicated to improving the Commonwealth’s business climate through pro-growth, pro-jobs policies. This year, each of the 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, as well as 25 of the 50 state Senate seats, will be on the ballot.


“Pennsylvania is still reeling from the unprecedented economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr.  “That’s why it is vitally important that our elected officials support smart policies that will help the state rebound and prioritize Pennsylvania’s economic health alongside its public health.  This year’s ChamberPAC endorsed candidates will do just that.  A thorough review of each candidate’s policy positions was conducted in advance of awarding these endorsements.  Candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire and incumbents were evaluated on their voting records.  On behalf of the state’s broad-based business community, we are proud to offer our support to these candidates and look forward to working with them in the upcoming 2021-22 legislative session.”


The PA Chamber is the state’s largest, broad-based business advocacy association – representing businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors.  A complete list of ChamberPAC’s 2020 legislative endorsements can be found below.  More information about ChamberPAC can be found on the PA Chamber’s website.  


State House Candidates by District


Curt Sonney HD-4 Perry Stambaugh HD-86
Barry Jozwiak HD-5 Greg Rothman HD-87
Brad Roae HD-6 Sheryl Delozier HD-88
Tim Bonner HD-8 Rob Kauffman HD-89
Aaron Bernstine HD-10 Paul Schemel HD-90
Marci Mustello HD-11 Dan Moul HD-91
Daryl Metcalfe HD-12 Dawn Keefer HD-92
John Lawrence HD-13 Mike Jones HD-93
Jim Marshall HD-14 Stan Saylor HD-94
Joshua Kail HD-15 Steve Mentzer HD-97
Parke Wentling HD-17 David Hickernell HD-98
K.C. Tomlinson HD-18 Dave Zimmerman HD-99
John Waugh HD-21 Bryan Cutler HD-100
Rob Mercuri HD-28 Frank Ryan HD-101
Meghan Schroeder HD-29 Russ Diamond HD-102
Lori Mizgorski HD-30 Sue Helm HD-104
Mindy Fee HD-37 Andrew Lewis HD-105
Mike Puskaric HD-39 Kurt Masser HD-107
Natalie Mihalek HD-40 Lynda Schlegel Culver HD-108
Brett Miller HD-41 David Millard HD-109
Keith Greiner HD-43 Tina Pickett HD-110
Valerie Gaydos HD-44 Jonathan Fritz HD-111
Jason Ortitay HD-46 Tarah Toohil HD-116
Keith Gillespie HD-47 Karen Boback HD-117
Tim O’Neal HD-48 Doyle Heffley HD-122
Bud Cook HD-49 Tim Twardzik HD-123
Matthew Dowling HD-51 Jerry Knowles HD-124
Ryan Warner HD-52 Joe Kerwin HD-125
Bob Brooks HD-54 Mark Gillen HD-128
George Dunbar HD-56 Jim Cox HD-129
Eric Nelson HD-57 David Maloney HD-130
Eric Davanzo HD-58 Milou Mackenzie HD-131
Mike Reese HD-59 Ryan Mackenzie HD-134
Jeff Pyle HD-60 Joe Emrick HD-137
Jim Struzzi HD-62 Ann Flood HD-138
Donna Oberlander HD-63 Mike Peifer HD-139
R. Lee James HD-64 Todd Polinchock HD-144
Kathy Rapp HD-65 Craig Staats HD-145
Martin Causer HD-67 Tracy Pennycuick HD-147
Clint Owlett HD-68 Karen Houck HD-152
Carl Walker Metzgar HD-69 Eric Roe HD-158
Jim Rigby HD-71 Robert Smythe, Jr. HD-165
Howard Terndrup HD-72 Kate Klunk HD-169
Tommy Sankey HD-73 Martina White HD-170
Mike Armanini HD-75 Kerry Benninghoff HD-171
Stephanie Borowicz HD-76 Jack Rader HD-176
Jesse Topper HD-78 Wendi Thomas HD-178
Lou Schmitt HD-79 Zach Mako HD-183
Jim Gregory HD-80 Gary Day HD-187
Rich Irvin HD-81 Rosemary Brown HD-189
John Hershey HD-82 Torren Ecker HD-193
Jeff Wheeland HD-83 Seth Grove HD-196
Joe Hamm HD-84 Barbara Gleim HD-199
David Rowe HD-85      


State Senate Candidates by District


Tom Killion SD–9 Mike Regan SD-31
Scott Martin SD-13 Doug Mastriano SD-33
John DiSanto SD-15 Wayne Langerholc, Jr. SD-35
Ellen Fisher SD-17 Devlin Robinson SD-37
Kevin Runey SD-19 Kim Ward SD-39
Scott Hutchinson SD-21 Joe Pittman SD-41
Gene Yaw SD-23 Nicole Ziccarelli SD-45
Cris Dush SD-25 Elder Vogel, Jr. SD-47
John Gordner SD-27 Dan Laughlin SD-49
Dave Argall SD-29        


The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is the state's largest broad-based business association, with its statewide membership comprising businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors. The PA Chamber is The Statewide Voice of BusinessTM.

ChamberPAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, whose purpose is to contribute to pro-job, pro-growth candidates who believe in business's rights to compete on an equal basis in the world marketplace. ChamberPAC is governed by a board of directors consisting of volunteer business leaders.