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August 25, 2020

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PA Chamber Calls on Governor to Add Targeted COVID-19 Liability Protections to his Fall Agenda

HARRISBURG - PA Chamber of Business and Industry President and CEO Gene Barr issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s press conference outlining his fall agenda.


“The re-opening of the economy and start of the school year have brought a wide range of challenges as restrictions and safety guidelines remain in place to combat the COVID-19 virus.  Across the Commonwealth, businesses, nonprofits, child care and academic facilities and the medical community have invested tremendous resources, time and energy in order to adhere to these guidelines and operate in a safe manner. Those who have made this investment should proceed with confidence that they will not be targeted with unwarranted lawsuits brought by opportunistic plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking to capitalize on this pandemic.  Pennsylvania employers are already being targeted, including some for safety policies the governor himself has directed the business community to enforce. This ongoing litigation threat puts Pennsylvania at risk for additional economic and societal hardships.  


“That’s why local chambers from across the Commonwealth and associations representing a wide range of constituencies – including advocates for children, nonprofits, the United Way, pediatricians, colleges and universities, school districts and small businesses – have united in calling for limited COVID-19 liability protections.   These protections will encourage best practices by safeguarding those operating in good faith to comply with safety requirements, while still holding bad actors accountable. 


“Limited liability protections are a critical component to moving Pennsylvania forward through the next phase of this pandemic.  We urge Governor Wolf to stand with Pennsylvania’s business, nonprofit, local government, child advocacy, education and medical communities and support these commonsense protections.”


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