Business Spotlight

JPL: Pennsylvania's Marketing Powerhouse

April 24, 2019

If you’ve experienced any of the PA Chamber’s last 17 annual dinners in the Hershey Lodge’s Great American Hall, you probably think of JPL as a premier event producer.

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UnitedHealthcare: Diverse Scholars Initiative Helping to Groom Next Generation of Health Care Talent in Pennsylvania and Beyond

November 21, 2018

Having a robust, diverse workforce of doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners is tantamount to providing the best health care possible for Pennsylvanians, as well as improving the care-delivery model of the future.

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Bravo Group: The Tough Fight Story of Pennsylvania’s Top Independent PR Firm

August 1, 2018

Since 1999, Bravo Group has worked on behalf of companies and causes where government and public opinion impact success. Whether it be a short-term problem or a long-view challenge, the largest independent PR firm in Pennsylvania assembles experience-informed and talent-driven skills under a single, overarching objective: help clients win tough fights.

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