The Policy Roundtable

The Policy Roundtable brings together senior executives and public officials for in-depth discussions of public policy challenges and works to craft public policies that are in the best interests of the state’s broad-based business community.

The Benefits of Membership in the Policy Roundtable

A unique and exclusive membership for presidents (or the senior Pennsylvania executive in a firm headquartered out-of-state), CEOs, COOs, CFOs and corporate chairpersons, the Policy Roundtable is a forum in which corporate officers meet on a peer-to-peer basis to formulate public policy proposals on the most pressing issues of competitiveness for the state’s broad-based business community.

The Policy Roundtable provides senior executives the opportunity to:
  • Develop the Pennsylvania Chamber’s long-term public policy strategy by participating in in-depth policy evaluations
  • Engage with other Policy Roundtable members in exclusive forums throughout the state with leading national industry experts, business groups and think tanks.
  • Interact extensively with the state’s public officials and senior policymakers, policy experts, media and other stakeholders
  • Guide the Pennsylvania Chamber’s advocacy and policy education efforts
  • Participate in select meetings with federal and state lawmakers
  • Receive insightful legislative and political updates from Pennsylvania Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr and Vice President of Government Affairs Sam Denisco.

If you are interested in becoming a Policy Roundtable member, please contact Mary Oliveira, 717.720.5568 |