Megan Martin

Vice President and General Counsel

Megan Martin, Esq. is a seasoned legal and public policy professional with more than three decades of experience,and will oversee the PA Chamber’s legal operations and serve on the Government Affairs team, supporting the PA Chamber’s mission to improve Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness.

Megan’s distinguished legal career includes serving in all three branches of state government, as well as a notable tenure as an attorney for the United States (U.S.) Navy. Martin’s expertise spans administrative law, government contracts, constitutional matters, and a wide range of legal issues. With a unique background that includes serving as the first female Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Pennsylvania Senate, Megan brings a deep understanding of legislative processes and a reputation for fair and impartial conduct.   Megan was unanimously elected as Parliamentarian by the Senate five times, which is a true testament to the fair and impartial way that she conducted herself.

In addition to her experience with the U.S. Navy and Pennsylvania Senate, Megan served in critical roles in the Office of General Counsel for several Gubernatorial administrations. Her national recognition includes the National Conference of State Legislatures’ 2021 Legislative Staff Achievement Award and the 2022 Excellence in Public Service Award from Widener Law Commonwealth. She is also the recipient of numerous merit-based awards for her legal work with the Navy.