Legislative Agenda

PA Chamber member businesses want to operate in a state that allows them to thrive and grow. Pennsylvania has the talented workforce and resources necessary for companies to compete with their counterparts in other states and around the world. We urge lawmakers to pursue a public policy agenda that will improve the Commonwealth’s business climate and reinforce optimism among Pennsylvania employers. Our member-driven advocacy agenda is outlined below.


The PA Chamber urges the legislature and Governor to work collaboratively on a responsible, on-time state budget that exhausts all opportunities for cost-savings and more efficient spending. Lawmakers should continue to focus on reforming state government operations, particularly where the investment of resources is greatest, including public pension systems, the criminal justice system, and mandated programs. The PA Chamber also supports collaborative and thoughtful public-private partnerships and opportunities to privatize those government services that could be more efficiently provided by the private sector.


Policymakers should build on recent tax policy improvements and continue to reform the Commonwealth’s tax structure with pro-growth initiatives that will make Pennsylvania more competitive. We urge lawmakers to accelerate, or at least maintain, the scheduled phase-down of our corporate net income tax rate, as provided in Act 53 of 2022. We further urge improvements to Pennsylvania’s treatment of Net Operating Losses to at least achieve parity with other states and the federal government and end Pennsylvania’s “start-up tax penalty.” The PA Chamber will advocate for comprehensive changes to the state tax structure that embody the principles of competitiveness, predictability, fairness, and simplicity and that better align our laws with the pro-growth provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. These changes include addressing the manner by which local taxes are levied and administered and reforms that specifically benefit small businesses.


High health care costs remain an impediment for many businesses who wish to offer a high level of quality care and accessibility for employees at affordable prices and without undue bureaucracy. The PA Chamber will continue to advocate for policies that will encourage competition in the provision of health care while also giving employers the most flexibility when making health care decisions.


Numerous state and federal environmental regulations and energy mandates are hindering the state’s economic positions. The PA Chamber opposes the imposition of new and the expansion of existing, mandates and will continue to advocate for thoughtful, science-based development and flexible implementation of environmental law. The PA Chamber supports a regulatory approach that encourages greater investment in the Commonwealth, including for projects that facilitate voluntary emission reduction strategies.


Pennsylvania’s legal climate lacks protections that create a fair, balanced and common-sense civil litigation system. The business community supports legal reforms that help prevent lawsuit abuse while protecting the right of legitimate plaintiffs to seek justice. The PA Chamber supports lawsuit abuse reform proposals that give employers predictability and certainty; prevent unfair tactics like “venue-shopping,” and change the judicial system to achieve greater efficiencies and unbiased justice, while always providing for full and timely compensation of parties legitimately injured.


Pennsylvania must construct and maintain reliable transportation, telecommunications, wireless and utility systems, and other infrastructure, as these assets provide for a modern economy that will attract employers and facilitate the movement of goods and people. The PA Chamber will continue to advocate for greater efficiencies in their construction, maintenance, and delivery, including streamlined permit and regulatory processes. The business community supports efforts to help the Commonwealth meet its infrastructure needs in a manner consistent with the imperative for fiscal restraints.


The PA Chamber supports labor, workplace and employment standards that help foster a productive and safe work environment, and which are structured to promote fair resolution of disputes and avoid unintended consequences. This includes eliminating misuse of the unemployment compensation program and facilitating a workers’ compensation system that focuses on returning injured workers to full health and function and roots out abuse. Employers oppose excessive mandates; artificial wage inflators, forcing individuals to pay union dues as a condition of employment, or labor relations policies that unfairly tilt the playing field.


The PA Chamber supports a public education system based on rigorous standards, with appropriate transparency and robust accountability measures, to help ensure Pennsylvania students graduate high school as prepared as possible for the next phase of their lives. The PA Chamber further supports initiatives that help provide families with options to fit the specific education needs of students so they are best qualified to ultimately enter the workforce.


The PA Chamber's policy priorities reach beyond the Legislative Agenda to encompass issues ranging from state/local government concerns and liquor reform, to technology and general commerce – all of which have implications for Pennsylvania's job creators and overall economy.


Employers in Pennsylvania continue to experience severe workforce challenges that are detrimental to our economy and prospects for growth. We urge lawmakers to build on past efforts and focus on policies that will help students prepare for a future career; facilitate upskilling opportunities for incumbent workers; encourage those on the sidelines to transition back into the workforce including eliminating impediments to employment; and make Pennsylvania an attractive destination for individuals starting careers or relocating.