Beyond its members’ core Legislative Agenda, the PA Chamber’s advocacy efforts reach issues ranging from state/local government concerns and workforce development, to technology and general commerce – all of which have implications for Pennsylvania’s job creators and overall economy.

General Commerce

The PA Chamber broadly supports public policies that seek to remove barriers to economic growth, protect employers from overbearing government regulation that hurts the sale of their goods and services; and encourages further private sector investment in the Commonwealth.

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The PA Chamber supports federal immigration policies that serve as a catalyst to enhance U.S.-based companies’ international competitiveness and will help provide an adequate and predictable workforce. This includes expanding and improving administration of the programs that provide employer-sponsored green cards and temporary work visas, along with increasing the ability of highly qualified foreign students to attend American institutions of higher education and to remain in the United States following receipt of their degrees.

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International Trade & Exporting

The strength and long-term prosperity of the United States economy is fortified by American businesses continuing to export goods and services around the world. Pennsylvania is one of the top exporting states in the country and employers in the Commonwealth are increasingly seeking foreign customers and pursuing exporting opportunities.

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Liquor Sales Reform

Act 39 of 2016 was the first step to ending Pennsylvania’s decades-long stronghold on the sale of alcohol in the Commonwealth. An increasing number of private sector businesses are now able to sell wine and beer in retail outlets across the state, giving Pennsylvania consumers the convenience and choice they have long called for.

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The growth and advancement of technology has created valuable new opportunities for businesses, job growth and economic stimulus for our Commonwealth and communities.

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