All Business Podcast

On the latest episode of the All Business Podcast, we welcome a great panel of guests from Erie, Pennsylvania:

•   Christina Marsh
Chief Diversity and Community Development Officer, Erie Insurance
•   James Grunke
President & CEO, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership
•   John Persinger
CEO, Erie Downtown Development Corporation

Located on beautiful Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie, Erie County is a short drive from the major metropolitan areas of Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Toronto. The City of Erie is Pennsylvania’s only Great Lakes port city. Erie has undergone an impressive transformation over the past several years and serves as a great example of what is possible when businesses, politicians and the community come together to make your area a better place to work, play and live.

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The Pennsylvania Chamber’s All Business Podcast series interviews member companies’ entrepreneurs, businesses owners and executives as we take a close up look at the passion, vision and unique talents that keep Pennsylvania businesses on the path of success in today’s economy.

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