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This month’s All Business podcast features Steven Sabold, Director of Marketing and IT with the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. Ranked by Forbes as a Top Two-Year Trade School in 2017, PIA has produced top notch aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians to enter the workforce in aviation maintenance, electronics, and other related fields since 1929. Graduates are in demand throughout the US, and PIA offers employment assistance to help both students and alumni in their pursuit of employment in the field of aviation and related industries. Since its doors were first opened nearly 90 years ago, PIA has taken pride in the quality of its education programs and the success of its graduates. Listen in and learn what makes this school unique and why they are ranked as one of Forbes best of the best! 

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The Pennsylvania Chamber’s All Business Podcast series interviews member companies’ entrepreneurs, businesses owners and executives as we take a close up look at the passion, vision and unique talents that keep Pennsylvania businesses on the path of success in today’s economy.

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