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In this episode we welcome Erin Harrell, Director of Oncology Sales for Kroger Specialty Pharmacy.

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy is the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy. It services primarily oncology, auto immune, pulmonology physicians and cystic fibrosis centers in all 50 states and PR. KSP has Centers of Excellence for each disease states it services across the 10 stateside locations. KSP is dedicated to serving patients with chronic illnesses requiring complex care. They optimize patient outcomes by blending a high-touch, caring patient experience with specialized clinical knowledge, personalized total life care programs and administrative expertise.

Erin has over 18 years of medical sales experience. Of this, 14 years have been in the specialty pharmacy segment. Throughout this time, she has sold in neurology, infectious disease, organ transplant, cardiology, hepatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, dermatology, and rheumatology but focus primarily on oncology. She's been in sales management for about 8 years where spends the majority of her time (when not in a pandemic) working side by side with her team and loves to be out in the field with them. Recently she has been lending her time to Kroger Health as a part of their Covid test launch team.

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