The Pennsylvania Chamber believes that providing a reliable infrastructure network is a core function of state government. Our infrastructure policy highlights the necessity to invest in and maintain safe, modern systems across our airports, ports, waterways, electric and telecommunications networks and we’re happy to see recent bipartisan commitments at the state and federal level to secure that funding now and in the future.

This session, we were pleased to see a statewide digital equity bill become law that’s expanding broadband access across Pennsylvania so that commercial and residential customers in previously underserved areas will have more access to the broadband internet that is essential to economic growth for large and small businesses.

We’ve also expressed support to lawmakers this session for advancements in autonomous vehicle technology and deployment, in order to keep our roadways safer and ensure that Pennsylvania can remain a leader in tech investment and development.

Over the course of 2022, the PA Chamber has hosted a series of Infrastructure-focused webinars featuring experts across these core areas to help our audience of business leaders gain an understanding of the specific value that each industry brings to Pennsylvania’s economy and the importance of sustaining their investments.

As we work Together for PA to advance our global competitive standing, the PA Chamber is committed to ensuring our infrastructure network is safe, modern and efficient across the board. This includes:

  • Supporting competitive power markets
  • Investing in worthy, community-focused transportation projects
  • Streamlining deployment of small cell and 5G wireless and broadband technology
  • Expanding energy infrastructure to secure American energy independence and reliability

Visit the Transportation and Infrastructure sections of our website for further information about our advocacy efforts in these key areas.