A Look Ahead for the Week of June 19

The Pennsylvania House and Senate return to legislative session this week. The PA Chamber is monitoring the following legislation with the potential to impact the state’s business community.

Senate Bill 346 (Net Operating Losses)

Would improve Pennsylvania’s treatment of Net Operating Losses (NOLs) by increasing the current 40 percent cap on NOL deductions to 50 percent in 2024, 60 percent in 2025, 70 percent in 2026 and 80 percent in 2027.

House Bill 1500 (Minimum Wage Increase)

Would increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage incrementally to $15 by 2026, require annual increases thereafter, and set the tipped wage rate at 60 percent of the regular minimum wage.

House Resolution 131 (Legislative Report on Severance Tax Revenues)

Obligates the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to develop a report examining purported lost revenues to Pennsylvania owing to a lack of a severance tax.

House Bill 1394 (PA Human Relations Act Expansion)

Also known as the CROWN Act, this legislation seeks to expand the definition of “race” in the PA Human Relations Act to include “traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles.”

Senate Bill 22 (Social Media Access for Minors)

Would require parental consent for children under 16 to use social media and parental notification should any child under 16 open an account. The bill also provides for a private right of action against social media platforms for alleged harms.

Senate Bill 198 (Improving Environmental Permit Appeals)

Would streamline the permit appeals process by limiting appeals, at DEP’s discretion, to only the issues contained in DEP’s record of decision, including issues raised during public comment.

Senate Bill 199 (Confirmation of EHB Renominations)

Would require judges being reappointed to the Environmental Hearing Board, the appeals court for the Department of Environmental Protection, to be confirmed by the Senate.

Senate Bill 286 (Clarity on Spill Reporting Obligations)

Would provide much-needed and long-sought clarity with respect to when a spill is reportable to the Department of Environmental Protection. The legislation directs DEP to initiate a rulemaking establishing reportable limits.

Senate Bill TBD (Carbon Capture Deployment)

This legislation provides a pathway to the increased deployment of carbon capture technology in Pennsylvania by establishing a regulatory framework for its use. The bill will clarify ownership of the subsurface geology where the CO2 will be stored or disposed of, establishes liability obligations for CCUS projects, and authorizes a fee for the purposes of administering the state’s oversight of these projects.


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