PA Chamber Champions Broadband Expansion

The PA Chamber continues emphasizing broadband internet expansion as a key driver of Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness, and the PA Chamber’s Luke Bernstein and Kevin Sunday both hit the road last week to promote the business community’s engagement in these vital efforts.

Last Wednesday, PA Chamber President and CEO Luke Bernstein addressed the Pennsylvania Telephone Association, speaking to how Pennsylvania can harness federal broadband funding to enhance our economic standing. His speech highlighted the transformative potential of universal internet access and its ability to make Pennsylvania more economically competitive.

The next day, PA Chamber Director of Government Affairs Kevin Sunday moderated a panel discussion about expanding access to digital infrastructure during a conference in State College.

The event, titled “Internet for All: Connecting the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” was hosted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in partnership with the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Municipal League, PA State Association of Boroughs, Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners, and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners.

It brought together a broad array of stakeholders, including policymakers, industry experts, and community leaders, to discuss strategies and solutions for bridging the digital divide in Pennsylvania.

The event highlighted the importance of universal internet access for education, economic development, and community empowerment, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to expand broadband infrastructure and ensure equitable access for all the state’s residents.

The PA Chamber’s active role in promoting broadband expansion demonstrates our dedication to shaping policies that facilitate economic prosperity. By thoughtfully leveraging federal broadband funding and fostering collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders, the PA Chamber aims to bridge the digital divide and empower all Pennsylvanians with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity.

And as the state strives to position itself at the forefront of the digital revolution, the PA Chamber’s advocacy for broadband internet expansion continues to catalyze economic growth, innovation, and opportunity across the Commonwealth.


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