PA Chamber Foundation Ushers in New Era with New Executive Director

The PA Chamber Foundation is headed into a bold new direction under Elizabeth Bolden! Our new executive director – who most recently was the President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges – brings a solid background in education, policy, budgeting, and finance that will empower her to teach the public and elected officials about where Pennsylvania stands economically and what needs to be done to improve our competitive edge for years to come, including attracting and retaining the next generation of skilled and inspired workers.

 In a press release announcing her arrival to the PA Chamber, President and CEO Luke Bernstein praised Elizabeth’s leadership and commitment to educational excellence, which help lead her vision for what the PA Chamber Foundation will become and the people it will inspire. “We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth to our team,” he said. “Her passion for empowering students to pursue fulfilling careers, fostering innovation, and driving academic success directly aligns with our mission of making Pennsylvania the most economically competitive state in the nation. With Elizabeth’s leadership, I am confident our foundation will reach new heights – transforming lives and positioning our Commonwealth for a bright, prosperous future.”

For her part, Elizabeth is ready to hit the ground running and build a foundation for the future of the Commonwealth. Her goal is to help match students with the jobs employers are looking to fill for future-focused careers, raise awareness about in-demand jobs and most importantly, keep upcoming generations of workforce talent right here in Pennsylvania, and help combat the “border bleed” that is driving people to other states. “Our Commonwealth has so much to offer, and I look forward to working together with leaders in business, education, and government to bring these incredible opportunities to more Pennsylvanians through the PA Chamber Foundation,” she said.