PA Chamber Releases 2024 Legislative Agenda

The PA Chamber’s newly released 2024 legislative agenda articulates our top policy priorities geared toward nurturing a pro-growth environment, attracting businesses, and positioning Pennsylvania for sustained prosperity. Categorized into three pillars – competitiveness, infrastructure, and workforce – our agenda outlines targeted policy solutions to address the state’s most pressing economic challenges.

In terms of competitiveness, our focus is on improving Pennsylvania’s business tax structure, fostering an equitable civil justice system, advocating for responsible state spending, and cultivating a balanced regulatory framework. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability while urging policymakers to prioritize pro-growth tax improvements and ensuring sound fiscal management.

Our agenda also acknowledges the critical role of modern, reliable infrastructure in driving economic growth. We prioritize the development of dependable transportation, telecommunications, and utility systems to attract new employers and facilitate economic expansion. Furthermore, we advocate for streamlined processes in infrastructure construction and maintenance, alongside flexible energy market policies that encourage further investment and innovation.

Finally, Pennsylvania’s workforce faces significant challenges that impede economic growth. Lawmakers must prioritize policies that encourage employment, equip students with career-ready skills, provide upskilling opportunities for workers, and remove barriers to employment. The PA Chamber advocates for a robust public education system with rigorous standards, ensuring students are prepared for the demands of the workforce.

For a comprehensive overview of the PA Chamber’s 2024 legislative priorities and detailed policy recommendations, check out our full agenda.


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