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February 14, 2024

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PA Chamber Leads Energy Coalition Letter to Gov. Shapiro, Lawmakers

HARRISBURG – The Stop New Energy Taxes coalition, led by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry and comprising prominent industry associations across Pennsylvania, today issued a joint letter to Governor Josh Shapiro and members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, calling for legislative action to ensure a robust and reliable energy supply for the Commonwealth’s businesses and families.

In its letter, the coalition, which represents a diverse array of Pennsylvania’s business and industry sectors, advocated for bipartisan collaboration in crafting innovative and effective public policies to ensure the continued vitality and reliability of the Commonwealth’s energy supply.

Highlighting the absence of calls for new taxes or tax increases in the governor’s recent budget address as a positive sign, the coalition underscored the indispensable role played by Pennsylvania’s energy industry in bolstering the state’s broader economic landscape.

“Pennsylvania is a global energy leader that is home to abundant natural resources, industry thought leaders, and cutting-edge innovators,” the letter reads, emphasizing Pennsylvania’s legacy of energy leadership and its potential for continued growth.

The coalition also expressed confidence in how forward-thinking public policies and robust partnerships between industry and government can sustain and enhance Pennsylvania’s global energy position.

“Through bipartisan cooperation, we have the opportunity to develop and advance policies, such as permitting reform, that promote domestic energy production and its use in legacy and emerging industries,” the letter continues.

“The Commonwealth’s energy success story is still being written, and we all have an opportunity and responsibility to ensure current and future chapters in this story are defined by themes of innovation, global leadership, and economic growth.”

Full text of the letter is available here.


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