Advocating for Affordable Housing Options

Last Friday, the PA Chamber joined a broad coalition of stakeholders from the Commonwealth’s housing, planning, business, and community development sectors in urging state lawmakers to consider reforms that will remove impediments to the construction of new housing in Pennsylvania.

Specifically, the coalition called on lawmakers to pass legislation aimed at the following reforms:

1. Restoring Missing Middle Housing Choices: Re-legalization of duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes in municipalities across the Commonwealth to meet the needs of residents at various income levels.

2. Bringing Back Starter Homes: Allowing the construction and sale of houses on more modest plots of land to unlock opportunities for first-time homebuyers and individuals seeking affordable housing options.

3. Promoting Housing Proximity to Jobs: Legalizing apartments and mixed-use buildings in commercial areas to facilitate access to housing near job centers to reduce commuting burdens while fostering vibrant, walkable communities.

4. Legalizing Accessory Dwellings: Legalization of accessory dwellings, commonly known as “granny flats,” and streamlining processes for homeowners to build and rent them out in their backyards to increase housing options and provide supplemental income for homeowners.

5. Removing Housing Veto Points: Streamlining approval processes to ensure timely and cost-effective development of new homes, accelerating housing production to address the growing demand for affordable housing

PA Chamber President and CEO Luke Bernstein also released the following statement on Friday:

“A robust housing market is one tool we can use to address Pennsylvania’s ongoing workforce challenges. By making reforms to provide more choices in housing construction and purchasing, streamlining development approval processes, and promoting housing proximity to jobs, we will help establish well-built, affordable, accessible homes statewide. We urge state lawmakers to address these issues and help generate the economic opportunity that working Pennsylvanians deserve.”

You can read more about the PA Chamber’s advocacy for housing choices and availability here.


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