U-GRO: Teaching with Purpose – Early Education at the Forefront of Pandemic Recovery

U-GRO supports working families, pivots to embrace new ownership, and launches STEAM-based learning for the next generation of leaders.


The future is rooted in STEAM, inspiring educators at all levels to embrace the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. That includes the field of Early Childhood Education, which has long been responsible for laying the foundation needed to ensure lifelong skills and school readiness for our next generation of leaders.

That’s where U-GRO Learning Centres comes in. Founded in 1973, U-GRO is the premier provider of early childhood and preschool education in central Pennsylvania. An average of 94.8 percent of U-GRO children meet or exceed Pennsylvania standards for kindergarten readiness. This level of academic success, combined with high-quality child care, is essential for more than just meeting the next milestone.

Though it will be several years before our youngest generation will enter the workforce, access to reliable, affordable child care means their parents can remain employed, productive and valued in their careers of choice.

According to a June 2021 report conducted by the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, 54 percent of employers who lost employees during the COVID-19 pandemic did so because of child care concerns. Now, more than ever, employers report being enlightened by the crisis and vow to focus on providing additional support, flexibility and resources as people return to the workforce or office.

U-GRO prides itself in being one of those resources, by serving families and employers as a workforce solution. U-GRO provides exceptional, education-focused child care while following rigorous cleaning protocols to ensure a health, safe environment. This gives working parents essential peace of mind as they navigate post-pandemic routines. U-GRO offers programs for children 6 weeks to 8 years of age, with flexible enrollment options, a mindful approach to nutrition and activity, and technology to keep families connected to the classroom. With 14 locations in Pennsylvania, U-GRO is a homegrown institution, committed to supporting our region’s working families.

In early 2021, after operating independently for decades with proven success, U-GRO became part of Learning Care Group, Inc. which now includes a nationwide network of 10 child care brands. U-GRO remains committed to being a leader in Early Childhood Education. And as part of the new ownership, U-GRO is launching a new curriculum centered on STEAM — to bring the world into every classroom. Through hands-on experiences, children will have the opportunity to explore modern concepts to better understand 21st century learning. It’s an important change with broader purpose.

The shortage of skilled workers throughout Pennsylvania is on the rise in the fields of manufacturing, health sciences, public services, transportation, visual arts, and information technology. By leaning into STEAM learning, U-GRO is doing its part to prepare the next generation of Pennsylvanians to help lead the way in these critical areas of expertise.

U-GRO’s ultimate goal is to educate today’s children with tomorrow’s leaders in mind. To learn more about their curriculum and programs, or to schedule a tour, visit www.u-gro.com.


U-GRO Learning Centres is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. ©2021 Learning Care Group (US) No. 2 Inc.