PA Chamber CEO Testifies at Senate Hearing on Workforce Crisis

Last Wednesday, the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee held a hearing covering the economic impact of the workforce shortage.  PA Chamber President Gene Barr joined the committee to share the voice of countless businesses across the Commonwealth that have been affected by this challenge.  A copy of Gene’s submitted testimony is available here.

While few members challenged the idea that employers are struggling to find reliable workers to fill roles in today’s environment, testimony from witnesses in several industries and across multiple trade associations reflected the truth that—especially with the supplemental federal aid amounting to $300 per week influencing the hiring market— employers are facing a true crisis in the labor force.

Also discussed at the hearing were the generous benefits, wages, and signing bonuses offered to potential employees to entice them to rejoin the labor pool.  As Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate hovers at around one percentage point higher than the national average, we welcome this hearing to raise awareness of the problems employers are facing on a daily basis and help advance public policy solutions.


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