State & Federal Political Recap

Unemployment Compensation fraud on the rise in Pennsylvania

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry launched a new web-based computer system designed to streamline access for UC filers statewide.  The new software is intended to smooth out filing issues with traditional UC benefits and will also allow for easier tracking of supplemental federal programs.  The previous system had been in use for close to 40 years.  While the improvements were designed to make filing simpler for claimants, new reporting has revealed the ease with which identity thieves are submitting fraudulent claims as well.

House GOP announcement regarding redistricting

Last week, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives announced their plans for redistricting after the 2020 census.  Their plans include public hearings and the opportunity for public comment.  Lawmakers are calling the process “the most transparent” in the Commonwealth’s history.  House Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove announced a website,, which will serve as a conduit for voters to access the latest information throughout the redistricting process.


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