Highlighting the Cost of the Workforce Shortage on Business

Yesterday, PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr joined CBS21’s Ryan Eldredge on Face the State to discuss the most significant problems for business as Pennsylvania emerges from the pandemic economy.  Potentially the most critical issue: The current workforce crisis. Employers, already struggling to recover after pandemic-era restrictions, are increasingly facing an impediments to fully reopening— including $300 per week in federal pandemic assistance funds on top of standard unemployment compensation checks. With this money, the federal government is actively disincentivizing individuals from returning to work. Meanwhile, companies without workers are left to cancel orders, increase lead times, lose contracts and cut hours and services to stay afloat.

To raise awareness about the destructive effects of this policy and encourage a greater focus on our workforce needs, the PA Chamber has taken to the airwaves with examples from across the state of businesses struggling to meet post-pandemic demand.

Now we need to hear from you.  Are you having an issue finding employees?  Have you been forced to raise starting wages? Did you have to raise prices or shorten hours due to a lack of workers? Please take a minute to share your story with us!  Email advocacy@pachamber.org, and we’ll set up a time to talk!


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