PA Chamber Collaborates on Study Covering Childcare and the Workforce

Over the last 18 months, Pennsylvania employers and workers adapted to unprecedented challenges as shuttered schools and childcare facilities required typically full-time staff to care for their families on short notice.

In recognition of these challenges, the PA Chamber teamed up with the PA Early Learning Investment Commission and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania to conduct a survey of employers that is the basis for a new report.

Released on June 8, the report details how employers have been taking action to support families, boost productivity and address the estimated $3.47 billion lost to Pennsylvania’s economy due to childcare issues.  Overall, 84 percent of employers have offered at least one type of childcare support throughout the pandemic.  Many Pennsylvania employers added supports beyond government mandates, and 41 percent say they anticipate keeping those supports intact once the pandemic has ended.

PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr highlighted the results in a press release issued last week, noting, “The findings in this report include best practices for businesses and program administrators and, we hope, will help inform lawmakers developing public policy that strengthens childcare and the workforce.”

The PA Chamber’s participation in this report and focus on the workforce is part of the ‘Bringing PA Back‘ initiative, the PA Chamber’s bold, collaborative plan for economic resurgence to make Pennsylvania a beacon for innovation and investment.  The initiative creates a framework to foster long-term economic growth and equality of opportunity for all residents—including parents.


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