Duquesne Light Company: Fostering a New Generation of Skilled Utility Workers

During a time when many companies are looking for ways to draw diverse talent to their workforce, Duquesne Light Company is using a preparatory program that allows students from various backgrounds to learn the trade of working in the electric utility business.

DLC’s Electrical Distribution Technology program is a joint partnership with the Community College of Allegheny County that provides training for the basic skills, knowledge and abilities that students would use as skilled craft workers in the field.

The company’s crews maintain 45,000 miles of overhead electric distribution wires in western Pennsylvania; partnering with educational institutions, local leaders and community partners to foster relationships that attract women, People of Color and veterans to the EDT program. DLC aims to have a workforce that is not only reflective of, but also represents the diverse population of the Pittsburgh region.

The EDT course focuses on teaching students how to quickly restore and connect safe and reliable power to the doorsteps of DLC’s customers.

This 12-month program prepares those who graduate for positions such as line workers, underground splicers, operations center dispatchers and other skilled trades.

Some students who complete the EDT program may be offered employment from DLC, while others who finish have learned competitive skills to add to their resumé while in search of employment.

The company’s hope is that the talented students who complete the course find the work fulfilling, and that DLC provides an atmosphere that is enjoyable while expanding their talent as contributors to the team and company culture.

DLC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued, respected and energized. We pursue strategies and integrate business practices that continue to evolve and embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

DLC’s culture revolves around five core values. The company strives to be:

  • Energized to shape the future;
  • Bold in the thinking and exploration of new possibilities;
  • Collaborative in their approach to all challenges;
  • Responsible in their commitment to safety, management of their assets and finances, and interaction with others; and
  • Selfless in serving the community, both on the job and through volunteerism.

Duquesne Light Company is committed to retaining an inclusive and respectful workplace that values diversity and rewards performance. To deliver on this commitment, the company must attract and retain highly-skilled talent that is reflective of the communities it serves, while developing and leveraging the knowledge and unique skill sets of current employees and creating an environment where every team member feels included, respected and valued.

DLC’s executives believe that as leaders, they should approach that task with humility while treating each team member with dignity and an openness that will attract talent to the table and make them feel empowered.

They believe that a mindset of recruiting and empowering employees from all segments of life is a game changer that creates a competitive advantage and propels the company in the right direction.

It’s one of the reasons why DLC is a “Utility of the Future.”


For more information regarding DLC’s Electrical Distribution Technology program, please visit https://www.duquesnelight.com/careers.


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