Everything Under the Sun: Solar Renewable Energy, LLC is Making PA and the Mid-Atlantic Renewably Brighter

Solar Renewable Energy, LLC is a Mechanicsburg, PA-based solar EPC developer and investor that has carved out a unique install base niche in the mid-Atlantic and is always keenly driving toward a competitive financing structure advantage and a lower installed cost for solar arrays for its new clients.  In business since 2010, SRE has initiated more than 200 solar arrays, generating over 100MWp of power… enough to power over 10,000 homes annually. SRE develops and installs solar arrays for a wide variety of municipal, governmental, not-for profit and for-profit entities, including county and township governments, boroughs, school districts, retirement communities and private businesses. As of December 2020, SRE is also responsible for the completion of the largest floating solar array in the United States in Sayreville, New Jersey. SRE couples the latest technology in solar modules while optimizing performance, yield and cost into their installation footprint.  The result is significant benefits across their rooftop and ground mount arrays, as well as their carport canopies and floating solar offerings.  Clients enjoy immediate savings with no up-front costs … and electric rate certainty.

“We can develop, finance and manage construction of our arrays and this brings a unique capability typically enjoyed by much larger players in solar,” said SRE President and CEO Douglas R. Berry. “Our focus on bifacial panels and their added output, and our overall cost tenacity has been a keystone strength of our strategy and our solar projects.”

“We have completed a wide range of recognizable projects in addition to the Sayreville floating array,” Berry continued. “Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, University Area Joint Authority in State College, Centre County Corrections Facility in Bellefonte, and multiple projects in the Capital area – with locations including Commonwealth Charter Academy and Susquehanna Township, to name just a few.  In multiple cases, clients have completed expansions of their initial solar arrays.  In addition, school districts such as Midd-West, Tamaqua Area and Pottsville Area were completed during the pandemic in 2020, so those districts have the peace of mind of reduced operational costs once the students are ideally back in the classrooms in September,” added Berry.  “With very competitive offerings and an installed base and pipeline being heavily mid-Atlantic, we are able to provide clients with a ‘no money upfront, positive cash flow immediately’ scenario.”

In SRE’s 2021 pipeline, almost all projects are touting the latest bifacial panel technology.  “We are deploying across non-profits, municipalities, school districts, townships and commercial businesses …on land and sea (well, at least on water reservoirs in New Jersey),” said Berry.   “We have relationships with most of the Tier 1 top panel suppliers and we focus on those with well-warranted and broad-based footprint and development technology.”

“We have seen a lot of favorable changes in the industry in terms of states embracing renewables and moving our world in a greener direction.  We have actually provided ongoing input to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on solar incentivization and approach and that is beginning to take favorable shape.  We’re in a race, and SRE is doing our best to help contribute renewably and to keep the customer on the cutting edge of the latest technology and financial benefits.  It’s heavily a financial model as well, and with our financial expertise, leveraged purchasing and our financial modeling options beyond the standard old Power Purchase Agreement, these are exciting times for Solar Renewable Energy as a company … and for the industry!”

If you have commercial or not-for-profit renewable energy needs in the mid-Atlantic region, or require PA electric supply for your business or have questions, reach out to SRE. The team is ready to answer every question under the sun and help you further monetize and profit with your building, ground or water solar project! Berry can be reached at dberry@srenergyllc.com, or directly at 717.571.1151.


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