Senate Passes Series of ‘Bringing PA Back’ Regulatory Reform Bills

Several regulatory reform bills that fall under the umbrella of the PA Chamber’s ‘Bringing PA Back’ policy recommendations have been approved by the Senate and now await further consideration in the state House.

In party line votes, the Senate passed: S.B. 28 to allow for the creation of permit tracking systems and third-party reviews of permits when review timeframes have exceeded established timelines; S.B. 126 to allow for regulatory review three years following the final promulgation of economically significant regulations; as well as S.B. 426 and S.B. 520 which both provide for enhanced legislative oversight during the regulatory process.

In a memo sent to the full Senate, the PA Chamber noted that “the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the need for a capable, effective and efficient government that serves the public and regulated community, who have made significant adjustments and adaptations over the past year.”

These legislative proposals will bring much needed transparency and reforms to the state’s regulatory review and permitting process.  Regulatory reform is a key component of the PA Chamber’s ‘Bringing PA Back’ initiative, which promotes policies that will help drive the state’s economic recovery.


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