Make Your Voice Heard on Tuesday, May 18!

This Tuesday, May 18, is Primary Election Day. Every election is important in shaping Pennsylvania’s political landscape, which is why it is incumbent on all pro-business voters to make their voices heard! The people we elect at the federal, state and local level and in the courts drive Pennsylvania’s competitiveness, as their support – or lack of support – determine the fate of policies that spur growth and job creation.

This spring, ChamberPAC – the political arm of the PA Chamber – endorsed candidates for the state Supreme Court’s Republican Primary Election, as well as for two upcoming Special Elections in the state legislature. The endorsements include Judge Kevin Brobson to the state Supreme Court, who we believe would bring a fair and balanced perspective to the bench; Chris Gebhard for the 48th Senatorial District, and Abby Major for the 60th House District. Based on their responses earlier this year to a ChamberPAC-issued questionnaire, these candidates will be strong voices for business in the halls of the state Capitol.

There are also key questions on the ballot this election on which the PA Chamber is encouraging a “YES” vote across the board. Ballot questions 1 and 2 relate to the pandemic response, with a YES vote allowing a majority of state lawmakers to end emergency declarations and restrictions on citizens with a majority vote and restore the voice of the people during trying times like we’ve experienced with the pandemic. As our organization has previously told lawmakers, prolonged emergency declarations come at a heavy cost to the business community as they trigger the Price Gouging Act, which exposes businesses to potential enforcement action by the state Attorney General’s office for excessively long periods of time.

A YES vote on ballot question 3 would amend the state Constitution to prohibit the denial of equal rights based on race and ethnicity – something we can and should all get behind!

To help these initiatives come to fruition, the PA Chamber is participating in the “Vote YES PA” campaign, which is aimed at keeping voters informed and engaged on all three ballot measures.

Thanks in advance for doing your part to be an informed voter, and of course for encouraging your employees, friends and family members to get out and vote on May 18!