PA’s Burdensome Regulatory and Corporate Tax Climate Drives Away Potential Investment

In a statement issued last week, PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr highlighted the negative impact a burdensome regulatory environment and uncompetitive tax system can have on driving investment out of the Commonwealth.

Barr noted that U.S. Steel recently announced it was canceling significant investments into its western Pennsylvania facilities because of anti-growth, anti-jobs agendas being pushed on the state and federal level that increase the cost of doing business.  This is just the latest example of a missed economic opportunity for the Commonwealth.

“Economic stagnation and decline are a direct result of the policy decisions our elected officials make. When Pennsylvania again loses out on significant new economic opportunities for investment and job growth, it is incumbent on these officials to become more motivated than ever to pursue policies that will transform Pennsylvania into a beacon for investment, growth and opportunity.  Reforms that create a transparent, efficient, accountable regulatory process; a competitive tax structure; and a skilled and able workforce will bring about an equality of opportunity for all Pennsylvania residents. These are the pillars of our member-driven Bringing PA Back economic recovery initiative, and the PA Chamber will continue to advocate for making Pennsylvania a winning state for job growth and investment in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”


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