House Passes “Bringing PA Back” Regulatory Reform Bills

A series of regulatory reform bills that fall under the policy umbrella of the PA Chamber’s “Bringing PA Back” initiative have been approved by the state House of Representatives.  These reforms would bring much needed transparency and greater efficiency to the state’s regulatory review and permitting process.

The four bills passed by the House would help to address the state’s overly burdensome regulatory environment – an issue our members have often cited as a major barrier to growth.  House Bill 72 would require legislative approval on regulations with an economic impact that exceeds $1 million; H.B. 139 would require agencies to create an accessible tracking system for permit applicants to check their status; and H.B. 288 would require state agencies to designate an employee as the agency’s regulatory compliance officer.  Finally, H.B. 950 would allow the General Assembly to repeal any regulation currently in effect.

A memo sent to the full House prior to the votes noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for capable, effective and efficient government that serves the public and regulated community.

“In the wake of Pennsylvania losing another Congressional seat, state government should be motivated more than ever to reform itself and provide for a more welcoming regulatory environment for investment,” the memo states.

The bills now await consideration in the Senate, where similar proposals are already moving through the committee process.


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