Tell Senators Casey and Toomey to Oppose the PRO Act and Keep Senate Operating Procedures Intact!

The U.S. Senate may soon consider a measure that would upend decades of established labor law to fulfill practically all of Big Labor’s lengthy anti-employer legislative wish list. The proposal – known as the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act – would even weaken workers’ rights.

The bill undermines the right to a private ballot during union elections; forces employers to turn over to unions their workers’ personal contact information – including cell phone numbers and home addresses – even if an employee objects; and inhibits workers from decertifying a union they grow to oppose.

Additionally, this bill will encourage unfair lawsuits, stifle employers’ right to communicate with their workforce during union elections and force an unrealistic standard for hiring independent contractors that will also hurt free-lancers and gig workers.

Unfortunately, this measure was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in March and likely stands only one Senate vote away from becoming law, since President Biden has indicated he would sign the bill. Proponents of the legislation are trying to fast-track this misguided proposal by working to eliminate the filibuster rule, destroying the Senate’s time-honored and historically bipartisan tradition of respecting rights of the minority party.

We are calling on Pennsylvania’s business community to reach out to Senators Toomey and Casey and urge them to oppose this legislation and keep the Senate operating procedures intact. 

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