PA Chamber Joins National Coalition in Urging Federal Action on COVID Liability Reform

The PA Chamber was among more than 580 signatories on a letter organized by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform urging Congress to consider including targeted and temporary liability protections in the next COVID relief package. The letter points out that as the Biden administration strives to reopen schools, protect the nation’s health and strengthen our economy, liability protections will help safeguard educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses and non-profit organizations from unfair lawsuits.

“In 2020, over $23 million was spent by plaintiffs’ firms on COVID-19-related lawsuit advertisements, a clear indication that an influx of litigation is coming,” the signatories warned. “We believe that legislation in this space should ensure that unfair lawsuits will not hamper those who work to comply with applicable government guidelines. We also believe those protections should be limited in duration and scope in addition to preserving reasonable recourse for those harmed by truly bad actors… In the last round of COVID-19 relief negotiations, we were encouraged to see lawmakers from both sides of the aisle recognize the need for targeted and temporary liability relief. Lawmakers must come together now and ensure that the entities who continue to serve and protect their communities during this pandemic are themselves protected from unfair and harmful lawsuits.”

The PA Chamber has fought at the state and federal level for COVID-related liability protections for business since the start of the pandemic. Last session, the governor vetoed H.B. 1737, which was supported by nonprofits, daycare centers, schools, medical professionals and others across Pennsylvania. Further details on the governor’s veto and our ongoing efforts to enact this legislation this session are available on our website.


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