Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies Offers Multiple Pathways for Individuals and Businesses to Gain Expertise and Upskill

At Villanova’s College of Professional Studies, we believe life experience is the kindling to the brightest futures. We believe the past is a launch pad. We believe today is the day to change course, pivot to an alternate adventure, become who you’ve always said you’d become. And we’re here to help you fulfill that promise.

Working professionals have been faced with massive challenges this past year. Layoffs, reduced hours and increased competition for available jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. CPS offers a variety of education pathways for high achieving adults, including bachelor’s degree completion and certificates, professional (non-credit) education programs and courses, as well as custom corporate training for organizations. Because our students are juggling many responsibilities, CPS programs are built flexibly and are available on campus, hybrid and fully online.


New Programs Built in Response to Changing Industry Needs

A hallmark of CPS is the constant evolution of programs in response to the demands and needs of today’s businesses. Within the last year alone, CPS has launched a new major in Entrepreneurship, a New Manager bootcamp, an Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies Training for Advocates (VIISTA) certificate, a course in Data Visualization, and a Business Process Improvement Essentials Certificate.

In addition, CPS swiftly adjusted some of our popular professional education courses into highly desirable bootcamps and short courses. Adult students have less available time to continue their education, but it’s still a priority and they are highly motivated to be successful.

Earning certificates and certifications can make a resume standout from the competition. It also can provide you the latest skills and knowledge needed for your specific industry, and in many cases can help you prepare for an industry- recognized credential or certification. Villanova University offers a slate of professional education programs geared toward those who are interested in advancing their education and career potential.


Customized Training for Organizations

As organizations and even individual departments evolve and adapt to a rapidly changing market, one where technical skills and efficient work processes are often keys to success, CPS meets that need by delivering customized, strategic corporate training, workforce education and professional development solutions. CPS utilizes existing expertise within our program portfolio, as well as the expertise of our faculty to help organizations meet their strategic goals and objectives.

Whether on-site, online, on-campus or in a hybrid format, Villanova offers a tailored education plan in focused areas including Leadership, Human Resources, Project Management, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Six Sigma and more.


A Commitment to Student Success

In CPS, we are committed to helping our students find success in their educational pursuits and personal growth. We do this by providing an exceptional student experience from start to finish. The journey begins with our knowledgeable admissions team guiding students through their decision process, continues with our academic advisors providing support and encouragement and culminates in our students connecting with and taking advantage of the broader Villanova community, including our alumni network of over 125,000 and an active and engaged Career Center. So bring all the former you’s on your journey to Pursue the Next You at Villanova’s College of Professional Studies.