Enterprise Ventures Corporation: Company’s Innovative System Saves Water — a Resource Too Precious to Use Only Once

The need to conserve water is becoming more critical. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that at least 40 states anticipate water shortages by 2024. One of the EPA’s tactics to counter the increasing water scarcity is to recycle water so that it can be reused.


Technical experts at the nonprofit, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, and its affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation, have been developing innovative water recycling technology that extends the usability of water —a resource too precious to use just once.


Water Technology Springs from Military Needs

CTC’s work with water technology began many years ago. Originally developed for the U.S. Air Force, CTC’s Expeditionary Wastewater Reuse System efficiently processes and recycles 90 percent of greywater generated at forward operating bases. It was a first-of-its-kind technology that performed well in the field. In 2015, CTC was awarded a patent for a magnesium-powered water purification system, which was also developed for military field applications, where access to purified and potable water can be a challenge. That work led to the development of CTC’s filtration methodology for purifying greywater (the relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines and other appliances). That filtration technology, along with its proprietary control software, is at the heart of the company’s system to recycle laundry and/or shower greywater.


CTC and EVC have an extensive team of engineers and technicians that can integrate expertise at any stage of a project. CTC specializes in research, development, testing and evaluation that are common with initial prototype and proof-of-concept development. Meanwhile, EVC focuses on taking existing prototypes and fast-tracking them into commercial products. Their work with water recycling and filtration illustrates the companies’ unique ability to provide full lifecycle solutions — from concept to production to maintenance and repair.


Building on the success of the technology developed for the Department

of Defense, EVC was able to simplify the design of the system for laundry and shower greywater recycling, and optimize the system specifically for laundry greywater recycling in commercial scale laundry facilities and other industrial applications.


Twin Ultra™ Greywater Recycling System

EVC is currently marketing an innovative water recycling system that saves costs and resources in industries with significant water use. The Twin Ultra Greywater Recycling System can recycle 70 to 90 percent of greywater used in commercial and industrial laundry operations and other applications not requiring potable (drinkable) water. The Twin Ultra is especially beneficial in commercial laundry facilities where water is scarce and/or expensive; or where the facility must adhere to permits that require water recycling.


The Twin Ultra system is a skid-mounted, modular system that uses membrane filtration as opposed to media filtration (e.g., sand, activated carbon, etc.), or biological filtration used in many existing water recycling systems. The membrane filtration technology offers many process benefits including instant system startup, filtration path stability and reduced maintenance and operator time. The system is computer controlled and continuously monitors the water quality at various points through the filtration process, making real-time adjustments to ensure consistent quality in the produced water output.


“EVC is building on an impressive background in innovative water recycling systems,” said Brian Ott, EVC Water Technologies Product Manager. “EVC’s Twin Ultra system evolved from a base of technology created by CTC. Our engineers are optimizing that expertise to bring to market customized water solutions where they are needed and/or mandated. We are currently working with a Fortune 100 company on water recycling concepts for large-scale, fixed-base and portable laundry operations. We are also in talks with an international company that provides portable water solutions for large events worldwide.”


Twin Ultra is useful in many markets, including federal and local governments, industrial, commercial, mining, hospitality, multi-family residences, higher education, oil and gas and manufacturing industries. EVC’s system also lowers water and wastewater hauling costs and risks for military and temporary installations, including disaster relief operations across the U.S. and abroad.


EVC currently offers a 5,000 gallon per day (gpd) and a 10,000 gpd greywater recycling system, as well as a host of supporting products including heat exchangers, clean-in-place membrane deep clean modules, and remote data sensing/troubleshooting. In addition to the base model, which is designed for most low to moderate detergent laundry applications, EVC’s Twin Ultra Plus can be used in laundries processing heavily soiled fabrics where high detergent and chemical use is required. 


Green Laundry Concept

In 2016, in a move designed to expand the reach of the company’s water recycling technology, CTC entered into a partnership with Water Energy of Houston, Texas, to create a first-of-its kind green laundry system.


Water Energy has a proprietary laundry technology that uses a patented system to inject ozone (ionized oxygen) into the feed water in laundry facilities. Ozone is nature’s most powerful cleaner and disinfectant, eliminating the need for much of the hot water and chemicals used in commercial laundry operations. Heating water is the most energy-intensive process in a commercial laundry, and the ozone process allows 90 percent of laundry to be washed in cold water. Therefore, when water is recycled, the need for hot water is mostly eliminated and the use of chemicals is greatly reduced. The result is a marriage of saving money and environmental stewardship. Commercial laundry facilities report their sheets and other linens feel like new when washed in ozonated water, and that their linens last three to four times as long because of the removal of hot water (typically 165° F) and harsh chemicals.


Water Evaluation Test System

In addition to EVC’s standard greywater recycling product line, EVC also offers the ability to develop customized water reuse and filtration systems that can remove the most challenging water contaminants. For these applications, EVC has an in-house Water Evaluation Test system to test and optimize water treatment processes before designing and building full-scale solutions. This approach ensures delivery of individualized solutions to clients that save them time and money while ensuring performance. The WET system is a fully functional test bed, where system elements can be tested and evaluated to ensure process performance prior to the system build.


To learn more about EVC’s water technology, go to or contact Water Technologies Product Manager Brian Ott at or 814 269.6835.


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