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Get Informed! New Legislative Scorecard Helps Voters Prepare for Election Day

We’re only weeks out from this year’s highly anticipated General Election. In addition to the all-important presidential contest, every one of Pennsylvania’s 203 House seats and half of the state Senate seats are also on the ballot. Through our political arm, ChamberPAC, the PA Chamber works every election cycle to inform voters of the lawmakers who we believe – based on their voting records or answers to questionnaires – would be the private sector’s best representatives in Harrisburg. This year, we’ve got an exciting new tool that we’re adding to our Election Day education arsenal.


The PA Chamber’s exclusive Legislative Scorecard is an interactive, online tool that highlights how members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly voted on key pieces of legislation impacting the Commonwealth’s business community. The homepage lists the sitting state legislators, along with their 2019-20 legislative session and career voting scores.  A more detailed analysis – including an overview of all bills that were meaningful enough to the business community to be “scored” by the PA Chamber – can be found by clicking on the lawmakers’ name and viewing their individual profile. Browse around and you can identify the PA Chamber’s position on the respective bill, as well as how the lawmaker voted. Our organization communicated our position on each bill listed prior to the important votes that lawmakers took on these bills – and those votes were then used to help us calculate the lawmakers’ overall score. 


Another useful online tool that you can find on our website leading up to Election Day is a comprehensive voter resource page. Our “Get Out The Vote” page includes links to help voters to locate their polling place; apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot; determine who represents them at the state and federal level; and also links to ChamberPAC’s endorsed state legislative candidates.


We encourage our partners in the business community to check out our resources page, make sure they’re registered to vote and encourage their employees, families, friends and neighbors to do the same. Whether you’re voting via mail-in, absentee ballot or in person on Tuesday, Nov. 3 the most important thing is that you make sure your voice is heard!  


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