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Baby Boy Management Group Partners with Philadelphia Professional Touring Musicians to Achieve Financial Stability in the Music Industry

Fall 2020 Catalyst

As a self-described “show-biz” mom, Deidre Robinson has transformed her industrious and nurturing spirit into a thriving business management company, affectionately named Baby Boy Management Group, LLC.


In 2003, Deidre entered the music industry with a simple goal of managing the burgeoning career of her “baby boy,” Darrell Robinson Jr.  As an accomplished drummer, music director, and producer, Darrell has worked with many esteemed musicians, including Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Jill Scott, The Roots, Jazmine Sullivan, Queen Latifah and many more. Darrell became a sought out talent, but his work left very little time for financial management. Deidre quickly realized this problem and was determined to ensure her son achieved financial success in his career.


Trained as a sign language interpreter, the music landscape was an unfamiliar territory for Deidre. Yet, trusting her innate entrepreneurial prowess and determination, she sought out the best resources in the industry and embarked on a life-changing journey. Word began to spread among Darrell’s colleagues about Deidre’s business savvy and impressive results. She opened up her services to other music industry professionals and steadily built her roster. As the business administrator for her clients, Deidre is responsible for retrieving past due and future payments for gigs, as well as unclaimed royalty payments. From there, BBMG works with clients to establish their individual short and long-term financial goals. Their comprehensive services also include accessible savings, retirement planning, and other investing strategies.


Deidre’s clients have toured with revered artists such as Adele, Eminem, John Legend, Drake, Common, Jay-Z, Beck and John Mayer. BBMG’s services are not limited to her clients only and she consults with other touring musicians throughout the year. Deidre’s combination of dependability and integrity, along with her nurturing demeanor, has earned her the endearing nickname “Mom Rob” throughout the industry.


Deidre sits at the helm of BBMG, but the success of the team is rooted in its experienced, knowledgeable and respected financial advisors, account managers and entertainment lawyers. She has two employees who assist with account management, while she consults with an entertainment lawyer and wealth manager. In addition, she holds the seat of Governor of the Recording Academy Philadelphia chapter, and co-chairs their membership committee.


Like many other businesses, BBMG and their clients have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. With live music and touring suddenly halted, the team had to find alternative pathways to generate income. They have spent the past few months recording virtual concerts with artists and learning new technologies. The pandemic is a stark reminder of the importance of BBMG’s commitment to financial planning and education.


Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Deidre is deeply proud to contribute to the city’s rich music scene. Philadelphia is known as the “Heart and Soul” of music globally. Many of her clients got their exposure by being weekly fixtures at the Black Lily — a former music club where then-unknown artists like The Roots, Macy Gray and Jill Scott performed. Along with well-known artists, producers and industry executives would attend to seek out new talent. Most importantly, Deidre is helping her clients settle down in their hometown and give back to the city they love. Darrell hosts an annual Thanksgiving fundraiser that pays tribute to Philadelphia’s music legends, such as James Poyser (The Roots) and Shawn Gee (Live Nation). The event showcases young musicians, with a portion of the proceeds donated to area shelters. Over the past few years, BBMG’s clients have also mentored aspiring creators at Martin Luther King High School.


BBMG is excited about their future potential and finding innovative platforms for their clients to achieve optimal results, especially as the industry continues to evolve. Philadelphia’s incredible young talent energizes Deidre. She hopes to continue to grow BBMG and have the opportunity to help new artists successfully follow their dreams.

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