Department of Labor & Industry Adds UC Refusal to Work Reporting for Employers

In response to concerns raised by the PA Chamber and many employers, the state Department of Labor and Industry has updated the Unemployment Compensation form for employers to report individuals refusing work.

Employers continue to describe incidents of individuals “ghosting” or failing to show up for job interviews, refusing a job offer or otherwise discouraging their own employment in order to continue collecting unemployment benefits.  The PA Chamber has supported H.B. 1819 to clearly state in the law that these individuals are not eligible for unemployment. benefits.  The House passed H.B. 1819 by a vote of 176-23 and the bill remains pending in the Senate.

In the meantime, the Department’s has updated the Employer Questionnaire Refusal of Suitable Work form to make it more clear and functional.  Employers can access this form on the Department’s website and are encouraged to report these incidents in order to help maintain the integrity of the program and avoid tax increases that can occur when a former employee qualifies for benefits.


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