PA Chamber Joins Coalition Efforts to Encourages Pro-Growth Federal Policy

With inflation raging and the supply chain still struggling to realign, it’s imperative that federal policy not exacerbate current conditions for businesses. On June 10, the PA Chamber joined dozens of state and local chambers from across the country expressing concern to proposed federal legislation that would fundamentally rewrite America’s antitrust laws to protect competitors rather than consumers.

Bills like S. 2992, the “American Innovation and Choice Online Act,” and S. 2710, the “Open App Markets Act,” would lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers, discourage vigorous competition, and create different rules for American companies based on arbitrary criteria like market capitalization, while imposing no restraints on most foreign companies. Instead of rewriting the antitrust laws to protect competitors, chambers are encouraging Congress to ensure that federal agencies have the resources they need to address potential anticompetitive conduct in the marketplace, subject to appropriate oversight.

The PA Chamber also joined groups across the nation in calling on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to reject the legally-flawed arguments that the Board should impose card check organizing via case law and interfere with employer speech rights that are protected under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). In a pending labor dispute before the board, the NLRB’s general counsel has asked the Board to consider overturning long-standing precedent, and to ignore Supreme Court decisions and the plain text of the NLRA. These issues, should the Board agree with the counsel’s position, will have a real world impact on companies and make it far more difficult to manage businesses.

Finally, the PA Chamber was among several dozen business groups across the nation who signed a letter urging the Biden administration to take meaningful steps to increase domestic energy security through the increased production of energy. The letter’s recommendations include avoiding further economic impact to the nation’s economy by encouraging more production of domestic energy from federal lands and offshore areas.


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