PA Chamber In the News: Tax Reform, Unionization and Inflation

This past week, broadcast television and news outlets highlighted the PA Chamber’s team and its work on pro-growth advocacy on a number of fronts.

This past weekend, Luke Bernstein, president and CEO of the PA Chamber, was the featured guest on PA Newsmakers with Terry Madonna, a public affairs show airing on NBC affiliates Sunday morning. Bernstein highlighted the PA Chamber’s recent success in enacting significant tax reforms, as well as the need for civility and bipartisanship in politics and the Chamber’s upcoming annual dinner on Oct. 3, featuring Chris Christie and Donna Brazile.

Bernstein was also a featured voice in a Central Penn Business Journal story on the impact and reaction to the Supreme Court’s change on rules for venue in medical malpractice cases. The story quotes Bernstein as noting that “if an incident took place in Cumberland or Westmoreland County, and there are no conflicts for the case to be heard there, why should it be moved to Philadelphia County or vice versa? We strongly urge the legislature and Wolf Administration to enact legislation establishing fair rules for venue in these types of civil cases.”

The PA Chamber also responded to Lt. Governor (and US Senate candidate) John Fetterman’s call to impose heavy limitations on trade as well as prosecution of energy and food executives. In a response, Kevin Sunday, director of government affairs noted that protectionist policies only serve to raise costs on families and domestic businesses and that this approach will do nothing to increase the necessary supply of goods and energy. Sunday also noted that in the wake of the 2017 tax reform bill passed by Congress, “the U.S. is on track to reshore more jobs this year than at any point in the last decade and a half.”

Finally, the PA Chamber’s Alex Halper, director of government affairs, talked with Fox43 about the recent closure of a midstate pizza restaurant that occurred in the midst of a unionization effort by staff. Halper noted a broader trend of increased unionization activity across the country, adding to existing disruptions from the supply chain and inflation. Said Halper of such efforts, “It can change the culture of a workplace where employer and employees are used to working together and now you have this third party getting involved and intervening.”


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