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September 15, 2022

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ChamberPAC Endorses Central PA House and Senate Candidates in 2022 General Election

ChamberPAC, the political arm of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, today announced its first round of endorsements for candidates running for state legislative seats in the Central Pennsylvania region in the upcoming 2022 General Election.  ChamberPAC supports pro-job, pro-growth candidates and incumbent lawmakers who are dedicated to working together to improve Pennsylvania’s competitiveness, encourage economic growth, and building a stronger future for the Commonwealth.  On Tuesday, November 8, all of the 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, as well as 25 of the 50 state Senate seats, will be up for election.


“Pennsylvania is an extraordinary state with so much to offer,” said PA Chamber President and CEO Luke Bernstein.  “To achieve our full potential, we need to elect candidates who will prioritize policies that will strengthen Pennsylvania’s competitive edge, promote job creation and allow the private sector to thrive.  We are confident that this year’s ChamberPAC endorsed candidates will do just that. Working Together for PA, we can show the world that Pennsylvania is open for business through legislation that advances the Commonwealth’s economy.  On behalf of the state’s broad-based business community, we are proud to offer our support to this year’s ChamberPAC endorsed candidates.”


The following is ChamberPAC’s first round of state legislative endorsements for the Central PA Pennsylvania region. For the full list of endorsements, visit the PA Chamber’s website.



  • Barry Jozwiak, 5th District
  • Mindy Fee 37th District
  • Brett Miller, 41st District
  • Keith Greiner, 43rd District
  • Joe D’Orsie, 47th District
  • Stephanie Borowicz, 76th District
  • Rich Irvin, 81st District
  • Jamie Flick, 83rd District
  • David Rowe, 85th District
  • Perry Stambaugh, 86th District
  • Tom Kutz, 87th District
  • Sheryl Delozier, 88th District
  • Rob Kauffman, 89th District
  • Paul Schemel, 90th District
  • Dan Moul, 91st District
  • Dawn Keefer, 92nd District
  • Steve Mentzer, 97th District
  • Tom Jones, 98th District
  • David Zimmerman, 99th District
  • Bryan Cutler, 100th District
  • John Schlegel, 101st District
  • Justin Fleming, 105th District
  • Tom Mehaffie, 106th District
  • Lynda Schlegel Culver, 108th District
  • Dane Watro, 116th District
  • Tim Twardzik, 123rd District
  • James Barton, 124th District
  • Joe Kerwin, 125th District
  • Mark Gillen, 128th District
  • David Maloney, 130th District
  • Kate Klunk, 169th District
  • Kerry Benninghoff, 171st District
  • Torren Ecker, 193rd District
  • Seth Grove, 196th District
  • Barbara Gleim, 199th District



  • Kristin Phillips-Hill, 28th District
  • Judy Ward, 30th District
  • Greg Rothman, 34th District
  • Ryan Aument, 36th District
  • Chris Gebhard, 48th District



The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is the state’s largest broad-based business association, with its statewide membership comprising businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors. The PA Chamber is The Statewide Voice of BusinessTM.


ChamberPAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, whose purpose is to contribute to pro-job, pro-growth candidates who believe in business’s rights to compete on an equal basis in the world marketplace. ChamberPAC is governed by a board of directors consisting of volunteer business leaders.